Bengkel Penulisan Book Chapter & Extension of Scope Testing

Pada 15 dan 16 March 2023, bertempat di JEN Hotel Puteri Harbour, staff IVAT telah menghadiri Bengkel Penulisan Book Chapter dan Extension Scope of Testing.

IVAT Appreciation Ceremony 2022

Pada 7 Februari 2023, IVAT telah mengadakan Malam Aspresiasi Anugerah Kecemerlangan Staf IVAT bertemakan Arabic Night bertempat di Sunway Big Box Hotel, Johor Bahru.

Malam Aspresiasi ini merupakan satu platfrom dimana IVAT mengenang jasa setiap staf IVAT yang bertungkus lumus memastikan IVAT sentiasa bergerak seiring dengan perkembangan pada sama kini.

Antara anugerah yang diberikan kepada staf yang yang cemerlang pada tahun 2022 adalah:

* Anugerah Penerbitan
*Anugerah Penulisan
*Anugerah Kelestarian
*Anugerah Khidmat Masyarakat
* Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang

Disamping itu, IVAT juga menyampaikan sumbangan bagi staf yang mendapat cahayamata, anak-anak yang cemerlang dalam peperiksaan dan juga sumbangan kepada setiap staf IVAT yang bersama-sama membantu memastikan IVAT sentiasa memacu kearah yang lebih cemerlang.

2023 MyHVnet Newsletter Now Available

The 2023 MyHVnet Newsletter has been published.

IVAT Management Review Meeting 2022 – Calibration & Testing Laboratory

Pada 7 Februari 2023 bertempat di Sunway Hotel Big Box, Johor Bahru, IVAT telah mengadakan mesyuarat kaji selidik bagi Makmal Penentukuran Kalibrasi dan Makmal Pengujian bagi tahun 2022.

Mesyuarat ini dilaksanakan bagi mengkaji dan menyelidik dari pelbagai aspek bagi setiap makmal supaya dapat memastikan kerja- kerja kalibrasi dan pengujian dijalankan mengikut piawai yang telah ditetapkan oleh pihak Standard Malaysia.

IVAT Staff Contributes to Another Community Service: Relocation of Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic System at Kampung Tewowoh, Mersing

The installation of a solar electricity system in every house in Kampung Tewowoh, Mersing was successfully implemented in March 2022 and since then, there is no more sound of diesel generators in the village. A total of 145 residents consisting of 19 houses have been able to enjoy the use of electricity supply for free, which previously cost them around RM 300 per month. However, end of November 2022, the UTM research team was informed by the head of the village that there were 2 houses that needed to be demolished because they were worn out and the relocation of the supplied solar electricity system needed to be done.

Dismantling of solar photovoltaic system at old house.
After relocating the solar photovoltaic system to the owner’s new house.

On the initiative to relocation of the system to their new houses, UTM researchers; 7 staff from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Institute of High Voltage & Current (IVAT) have collaborated with 3 students from the IEEE Student Branch of UTM and 9 participants from Institut Latihan Perindustrian Mersing, Pahang. The relocation of the solar electricity system was carried out on 17 December 2022, which involved 3 main activities, namely: 1) the dismantling of the existing wiring and the solar electricity system in the old houses, 2) the installation of the system and the new wiring in their new houses and 3) performance monitoring for other 117 solar electricity systems in the village.

Reinstallation of the solar photovoltaic system at the owner’s new house.
Relocation work of the solar photovoltaic system to the owner’s new house.

After the successful relocation of the system, testing was done by the UTM research group and partners to ensure the system is properly working. Monitoring process for the next 3 months of the relocation process until March 2022 will also be carried out by the research group.

Group photo of the participants after completing the relocation process on 17 Dec 2022.

By Ts. Dr. Zulkarnain Ahmad Noorden

Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai from IVAT

Pusat Pengurusan Makmal UTM Open Day

PPMU Open Day was held one day on 11/1/2023. People were very excited to know our service that we capable to do. Our staff so friendly to share knowledge with them.

Thanks for coming and supporting us.

Morning Section
Evening Section
Dr. Mohd Hafizi share knowledge about IVAT

Happy New Year 2023 From IVAT

Surveillance Audit of IVAT’s Calibration Laboratory (SAMM 285)

Surveillance Audit MS ISO/IEC 17025 of IVAT’s Calibration Laboratory (SAMM 285)

Surveillance Audit MS ISO/IEC 17025 of IVAT’s Calibration Laboratory (SAMM 285) by the Department of Standards Malaysia has been successfully completed on 16 November 2022.

Many thanks to the Lead Assessor Ng Chin Soo and Dr Kwek Kuan Hiang as the Technical Assessor for the advice and guidance given throughout the audit.

Mr. Abd. Mohsin demonstrate how IVAT doing their calibration work

Special thanks to all IVAT members for their high cooperation and commitment prior and during the audit session.

Congratulations to Ts. Dr. Zulkarnain Ahmad Noorden for being recommended as the laboratory’s signatory.

Congratulations to Assoc. Prof. Eur Ing Ir. Ts. Dr. Lau Kwan Yiew

Congratulations to Assoc. Prof. Eur Ing Ir. Ts. Dr. Lau Kwan Yiew for being recognized as ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer by ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer Coordinating Committee (ACPECC) on 27 Sept 2022.

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