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Encouraging The World Through Green Technology
New Horizontal In Solid-Liquid Extraction
Bio-Based Product Development
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Khasiat Tunjuk Langit untuk Perubatan

Skin Care Decoded: The Conceptual of Healthy Skin among Malaysian


  1. Microwave Heating Rate and Dielectric Properties of Some Agricultural Wastes
  2. On the View of Stingless Bees’ Non-Honey Foods
  3. Solubilization of Eugenol from Piper Betle Leaves to Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Experimental and Modelling
  4. Syngas Production Via Bi-Reforming of Methane Over Fibrous KCC-1 Stabilized Ni Catalyst
  5. Bioactivities and Green Advanced Extraction Technologies of Ginger Oleoresin Extracts: A Review
  6. Beta-Cyclodextrin Carbon Microspheres by Hydrothermal Carbonization for Malachite Green Adsorption
  7. Waste to Wealth of Apple Pomace Valorization by Past and Current Extraction Processes: A Review
  8. Experimental and Modelling for Catechin and Epicatechin Recovery from Peanut Skin using Subcritical Ethanol
  9. Utilizing Subcritical Methanol Extraction for Catechin and Epicatechin Recovery from Peanut Skin as Agricultural Waste
  10. Optimization and Solubilization of Interest Compounds from Roselle in Subcritical Ethanol Extraction (See)
  11. Insight Into Green Extraction for Roselle as A Source of Natural Red Pigments: A Review
  12. Adsorption of Water Pollutants using H3Po4-Activated Lignocellulosic Agricultural Waste: A Mini Review
  13. Extraction and Enrichment of Zinc from Chloride Media using Emulsion Liquid Membrane: Emulsion Stability and Demulsification Via Heating-Ultrasonic Method
  14. Valorization of Peanut Skin as Agricultural Waste using Various Extraction Methods: A Review
  15. Comparison of Phenolic Compound, Colour Value, and Antioxidant Activity of Roselle Calyces Extract Between Modified Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Conventional Extraction
  16. Influence of Particle Size in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) on Bioactive Compound Recovery, Extraction Rate, Diffusivity, and Solubility
  17. Insight Into the Adsorptive Mechanisms of Methyl Violet and Reactive Orange From Water—A Short Review
  18. Physicochemical Modification of Chitosan Adsorbent: A Perspective
  19. Recovery of Anthocyanins from Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. using A Combination of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction and Subcritical Water Extraction
  20. Recovery of Copper and Silver From Industrial e-Waste Leached Solutions using Sustainable Liquid Membrane Technology: A Review
  21. Two-Stage Adsorber Optimization of Naoh-Prewashed Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Activated Carbon for Methylene Blue Removal
  22. Unlocking the Chemistry and Properties of Oil-Containing Sludge for Potential Utilization
  23. Utilization of Seaweed Composite Flour (Kappaphycus Alvarezii) in the Development of Steamed Bun
  24. Advancements and Challenges in Green Extraction Techniques for Indonesian Natural Products: A Review
  25. Banana Pseudo stem- and Palm Kernel Shell-based Biochars by Microwave for Methylene Blue Adsorption
  26. Coffee Residue Activated Carbons – A Commentary
  27. Energy-Efficient Network Architecture for Smart City Development
  28. Enhancing Bio-Hydrogen and Bio-Methane Production of Concentrated Latex Wastewater (CLW) by Co-Digesting with Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME): Batch and Continuous Performance Test and ADM-1 Modeling
  29. Existing and Emerging Technologies for the Removal of Orthophosphate from Wastewater by Agricultural Waste Adsorbents: A Review
  30. Insights into Kinetics and Equilibrium of Methylene Blue Adsorption onto β-Cyclodextrin Polymers
  31. Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Thermal Decomposition Behavior of Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunch, Coconut Shell, Bamboo, and Cardboard Pyrolysis: An Integrated Approach using Coats-Redfern Method
  32. Separation of Phenolic Compounds from Fruit Processing Wastewater using Liquid Membrane Technology: A Short Review
  33. Thermal Performance of Nanofluids in Elliptical Zigzag Tube: A Numerical Approach
  34. Two-stage Adsorber Design for Malachite Green and Methylene Blue Removal using Adsorbents Derived from Banana Peel
  35. Unlocking the Full Potential of Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) Spice: An Overview of Extraction Techniques, Bioactivity, and Future Opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry
  36. Waste Newspaper Activation using Sodium Salts: A New Perspective
  37. Dry Reforming of Methane Over Ni/KCC-1 Catalyst for Syngas Production
  38. Prediction of Co2 Breakthrough Time in Packed Bed Adsorption Column using Artificial Neural Network
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  1. Preparation of textile sludge-derived activated carbons via KI and KOH activation for fast and efficient removal of methylene blue
  2. Utilization of green sophorolipids biosurfactant in reverse micelle extraction of antibiotics: Kinetic and mass transfer studies
  3. Green formulation for synthetic dye extraction using synergistic mixture of acid-base extractant
  4. Effect of adsorption parameter on the removal of aspirin using tyre waste adsorbent
  5. Methane and natural gases kinetic and equilibrium adsorption comparison on synthesised porous coconut shell kernel activated carbon
  6. Kinetic equilibrium and isotherm modeling adsorbed methane assessment on synthesized peek-porous sorbent carbon of sustainable coconut shell kernel
  7. Heat transfer analysis on progressive freeze concentration of aqueous lysozyme solution
  8. Efficiency study on vertical-finned crystalliser for concentration of carrot juice
  9. Rubber seed shell based activated carbon by physical activation for phenol removal
  10. Wound Healing Properties of Swietenia Mahagoni Seed Extracted Using SCCO2: An in Vitro Study
  11. Enhanced elemental mercury removal by facile sulfurization of agrowaste chars
  12. Isotherm, kinetics and thermodynamics of methylene blue dye adsorption onto CO2-activated pyrolysis tyre powder
  13. Adsorption of Malachite Green and Congo Red Dyes from Water: Recent Progress and Future Outlook
  14. Enhanced adsorption capacity and selectivity toward inorganic and organic mercury ions from aqueous solution by dye-affinity adsorbents
  15. Evaluation of methylene blue dye and phenol removal onto modified CO2 -activated pyrolysis tyre powder
  16. Sodium dodecyl sulfate-coated-cationized agroforestry residue as adsorbent for benzene-adsorptive sequestration from aqueous solution
  17. Isotherm studies of lead(II), manganese(II), and cadmium(II) adsorption by Nigerian bentonite clay in single and multimetal solutions
  18. Solubility model of arachis hypogea skin oil by modified supercritical carbon dioxide
  19. Effect and optimization parameters of phenol removal in emulsion liquid membrane process via fractional-factorial design
  20. Extraction and recovery optimization of succinic acid using green emulsion liquid membrane containing palm oil as the diluent
  21. Chemical regeneration of modified magnetic-PEI-cellulose adsorbent for removal of anionic reactive black 5 dyes
  22. Supported liquid membrane extraction of nickel using stable composite SPEEK/PVDF support impregnated with a sustainable liquid membrane
  23. Surface modification of low-cost bentonite adsorbents-A review
  24. Kinetics and dynamic adsorption of methylene blue by CO2-activated resorcinol formaldehyde carbon gels
  25. Physicochemical Properties of Oxalic Acid-Modified Chitosan/Neem Leave Composites from Pessu River Crab Shell
  26. Rhodamine B dyes adsorption on palm kernel shell based activated carbons
  27. Nanocarbon composites for detection of volatile organic compounds
  28. A comprehensive investigation on the performance of durian rind as a lost circulation material in water based drilling mud
  29. Enrichment of Eucalyptus oil nanoemulsion by micellar nanotechnology: transdermal analgesic activity using hot plate test in rats’ assay
  30. Aloe vera biomass containing cellulosic moieties used as sustainable adsorbents for the removal of crystal violet dye from aqueous solution
  31. Carbon-based adsorbents from used rubber slipper for dye removal
  32. The effect of the Swietenia Mahagoni seed extracts on the production of collagen in human fibroblast cell (HSF1184)
  33. Outstanding performance of waste chicken eggshell derived CaO as a green catalyst in biodiesel production: Optimization of calcination conditions
  34. Role of Nanotechnology for Design and Development of Cosmeceutical: Application in Makeup and Skin Care
  35. Simultaneous extraction and enrichment of reactive dye using green emulsion liquid membrane system
  36. Characterisation of microwave-assisted sulfonated glucose catalyst for esterification of palm fatty acid distillate to biodiesel
  37. Optimization of esterification of palm fatty acid distillate to methyl ester using microwave-assisted titanium sulfonated incomplete carbonized glucose (Ti-SO3H/ICG)
  38. Methylene Blue Adsorption onto Neem Leave/Chitosan Aggregates: Isotherm, Kinetics and Thermodynamics Studies
  1. Effect of operating conditions on catechin extraction from betel nuts using supercritical CO2-methanol extraction
  2. Reverse micelle Extraction of Antibiotics using an Eco-friendly Sophorolipids Biosurfactant
  3. Solvent extraction of nickel ions from electroless nickel plating wastewater using synergistic green binary mixture of D2EHPA-octanol system
  4. Preparation, characterization, and dye removal study of activated carbon prepared from palm kernel shell
  5. Physicochemical characteristics of surface modified Dijah-Monkin bentonite
  6. Diffusivity optimization of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction with co-solvent-ethanol from peanut skin
  8. Double emulsion (water-in-oil-in-water) system in succinic acid extraction – A stability study
  9. Emulsion breakage behaviour on chromium (VI) removal using emulsion liquid membrane containing quaternary ammonium compounds
  10. Adsorptive characteristics and microwave dielectric properties of oil palm empty fruit bunch-based activated carbons for dye removal
  11. Insight into kinetics and thermodynamics properties of multicomponent lead(II), cadmium(II) and manganese(II) adsorption onto Dijah-Monkin bentonite clay
  12. Removal of nickel from industrial effluent using a synergistic mixtures of acidic and solvating carriers in palm oil-based diluent via supported liquid membrane process
  13. Valorization of human hair as methylene blue dye adsorbents
  14. Preparation, characterization and performance of polyvinylidene fluoride/tetraoctyl phosphonium bromide nanocomposite ultrafiltration membrane
  15. Comparison extraction of peanut skin between CO2 supercritical fluid extraction and soxhlet extraction in term of oil yield and catechin
  16. Natural Ingredients in Cosmetics from Malaysian Plants: A Review
  17. Effect of particle size and co-extractant on Momordica charantia extract yield and diffusion coefficient using supercritical CO2
  18. Extraction of beta-sitosterol from Swietenia mahagoni seeds by using supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) extraction
  19. Kinetic Modeling of Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Betel Nut
  20. Inhibitory Effects of Swietenia Mahagoni Seeds Extract on A-Glucosidase and A-Amylase
  21. D2EHPA-Sulfuric Acid System for Simultaneous Extraction and Recovery of Nickel Ions via Supported Liquid Membrane Process
  22. Effect of particle size on yield extract and antioxidant activity of peanut skin using modified supercritical carbon dioxide and soxhlet extraction
  23. Development of stable green emulsion liquid membrane process via liquid-liquid extraction to treat real chromium from rinse electroplating wastewater
  24. Adsorbents from the by-product of palm oil refinery for methylene blue removal
  25. Total phenolic, flavonoid content and antioxidant activity of Clinacanthus nutans leaves by water-based ultrasonic assisted extraction
  26. Synergistic extractant for extraction of remazol orange 3R in liquid membrane formulation
  27. Liquid membrane component selection for removal of phenol from simulated aqueous waste solution
  28. Physicochemical characteristics of recycled tyre tread compounds
  29. Enhancement and optimization of sinensetin extract from orthosiphon stamineus using supercrtitical carbon dioxide extraction
  30. Physicochemical properties of char derived from palm fatty acid distillate
  31. Preliminary study on lipid extraction from Nannochloropsis salina using supercritical carbon dioxide method
  32. Extraction of peanut skin oil by modified supercritical carbon dioxide: Empirical modelling and optimization
  33. Essential oils: Extraction techniques, pharmaceutical and therapeutic potential – A review
  34. Microwave-assisted solvent extraction of castor oil from castor seeds
  35. Mini review: Application of supercritical carbon dioxide in extraction of propolis extract
  36. Synergetic facilitated transport of nickel via supported liquid membrane process by a mixture of Di (2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid and n-octanol: Kinetic permeation study and approach for a green process
  37. Adsorption profiles of rhodamine B and reactive orange 16 onto pharmaceutical-based activated charcoals
  38. Comparison of charantin extract from Momordica charantia using modified supercritical carbon dioxide and soxhlet extraction method
  39. Evaluation of Swietenia mahagoni Jacq seed extracts in promoting wound healing properties
  40. Optimization of supercritical carbon dioxide and co-solvent ethanol extraction of wasted peanut skin using response surface methodology
  41. Effects of process parameters on peanut skins extract and CO2 diffusivity by supercritical fluid extraction
  42. Response Surfaces of Linoleic Acid of Swietenia Mahagoni in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
  43. Kinetic extraction of basic dye using vegetable oil as a solvent
  44. Single sphere model fitting of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction from Quercus infectoria galls
  45. Isotherm studies of methylene blue adsorption onto waste tyre pyrolysis powder-based activated carbons
  46. Single stage extraction and recovery of hexavalent chromium using blended TOA-TOMAC in palm oil-based diluent via supported liquid membrane process
  47. The use of factorial design in screening of factors influencing hexavalent chromium extraction by continuous green emulsion liquid membrane
  48. Dielectric properties in microwave-assisted solvent extraction—Present trends and future outlook
  49. Synergistic extractant for extraction of remazol orange 3R in liquid membrane formulation
  50. Oleic acid enhancement in used frying palm oil via enzymatic acidolysis
  1. Application of genetic algorithm on model-based optimisation of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction: An overview
  2. Easy removing of phenol from wastewater using vegetable oil-based organic solvent in emulsion liquid membrane process
  3. Emulsion stability of palladium extraction containing cyanex 302 as a mobile carrier in emulsion liquid membrane process
  4. Optimization of coag-flocculation processes of a newly synthesized quaternized oil palm empty fruit bunch cellulose by response surface methodology toward drinking water treatment process application
  5. Recent advances in drug delivery of polymeric nano-micelles
  6. Removal and recovery of chromium(VI) ion via tri-n-octyl methylammonium chloride-kerosene polypropylene supported liquid membrane
  7. Optimisation of supercritical CO2 extraction of red colour from roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa Linn.) calyces
  8. Equilibrium and kinetic adsorption studies of reactive orange onto resorcinol-formaldehyde carbon gel
  9. Extraction and characterisation of pectin from dragon fruit (hylocereus polyrhizus) peels
  10. Synergistic green extraction of nickel ions from electroplating waste via mixtures of chelating and organophosphorus carrier
  11. Adsorption properties of cationic rhodamine B dye onto metals chloride-activated castor bean residue carbons
  12. Dielectric properties of potassium carbonate-impregnated cempedak peel for microwave-assisted activation
  13. Malachite green adsorption by potassium salts-activated carbons derived from textile sludge: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics studies
  14. Evaluation of treated and untreated sludge from yarn processing factory as adsorbent candidates for dye removal
  15. Congo red removal by HNO3-Modified resorcinol-formaldehyde carbon gels
  16. Dielectric properties of sodium hydroxide-impregnated and activated cempedak peel samples at microwave frequencies
  17. Solvent selection in microwave assisted extraction of castor oil
  18. Ethanol separation using Sepabeads207 adsorbent
  19. Potassium hydroxide-treated palm kernel shell sorbents for the efficient removal of methyl violet dye
  20. Multi-metals column adsorption of lead(II), cadmium(II) and manganese(II) onto natural bentonite clay
  21. Relationships between dielectric properties and characteristics of impregnated and activated samples of potassium carbonate-and sodium hydroxide-modified palm kernel shell for microwave-assisted activation
  22. Isotherm studies of methylene blue adsorption onto waste tyre pyrolysis powder-based activated carbons
  23. Kinetic extraction of basic dye using vegetable oil as a solvent
  24. Optimization and effect of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction conditions on global oil yield and eugenol from piper betle leaves
  25. Single sphere model fitting of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction from Quercus infectoria galls
  26. Solubility correlation of gall (Quercus infectoria) extract in supercritical CO2 using semi-empirical equations
  1. A comparative investigation on the effect of thermal treatments on the mechanical properties of oil palm fruitlet components
  2. Separation of dissolved oil from aqueous solution by sorption onto acetylated lignocellulosic biomass – Equilibrium, kinetics and mechanism studies
  3. Crude palm oil (CPO) extraction using hot compressed water (HCW)
  4. Metal chloride salts in the preparation of activated carbon and their hazardous outlook
  5. Oxidation stability of castor oil in solvent extraction
  6. Optimization of microwave irradiated – coconut shell activated carbon using response surface methodology for adsorption of benzene and toluen
  7. Molecular mechanisms of drug photodegradation and photosensitization
  8. Recent advances in iron complexes as potential anticancer agents
  9. Chemically oxidized pineapple fruit peel for the biosorption of heavy metals from aqueous solutions
  10. Highly selective transport of palladium from electroplating wastewater using emulsion liquid membrane process
  11. Emulsion liquid membrane technology in organic acid purification 
  12. Fabrication of polypropylene membrane via thermally induced phase separation as a support matrix of tridodecylamine supported liquid membrane for Red 3BS dye removal
  13. Response surface optimization of kraft lignin recovery from pulping wastewater through emulsion liquid membrane process
  14. The Role of Internal Droplet Size on Emulsion Stability and the Extraction Performance of Kraft Lignin Removal from Pulping Wastewater in Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process
  15. Recovery of ionized nanosilver by emulsion liquid membrane process and parameters optimization using response surface methodology
  17. Modeling and Optimization of the Hot Compressed Water Extraction of Palm oil using artificial Neural Network
  18. Optimization of coag-flocculation processes of a newly synthesized quaternized oil palm empty fruit bunch cellulose by response surface methodology toward drinking water treatment process application
  19. Hot compressed water extraction curve for palm oil and beta carotene concentration
  20. Easy removing of phenol from wastewater using vegetable oil-based organic solvent in emulsion liquid membrane process
  21. Parametric investigation of fixed-tray, semi-continuous distillation column for ethanol separation from water
  22. The effect of conventional and microwave heating techniques on transesterification of waste cooking oil to biodiesel
  23. Application of Herbal extract and its medicinal value
  24. New generation separation and identification methods for erythromycin
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