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The UTM Antarctica Research Team is a research group which is currently organized under Institute of Geospatial
Science and Technology (INSTeG) and reports directly to the Office of Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation
(TNCPI). The research group is participated by academic staffs coming from various disciplines such as remote
sensing, biological sciences, sport science, numerical computing and mechanical engineering.


The formation of UTM Antarctica Research Team is inspired by the UTM Pro Chancellor, Tan Sri Dr Salleh Mohd Nor who
paid a visit to Antarctic with the HH Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin in Nov 2011. During his visit, he foreseen that there is a need
for UTM to have research on Antarctica as many technological and innovative UTM scientist may discover potential scientific
niche. As a start, TNCPI has called up the kick-off meeting and chaired by Prof Dr Mazlan Hashim during the first Antarctica
seminar in March 2012. In April 2012, the UTM Antarctica Research Team is finally formed by a group from Institute of
Geospatial Science and Technology (INSTeG), Sustainability Research Alliance (SRA), Centre of Innovative Planning and
Development (CIPD), Environmental Biotechnology Research Group (EnVBiotech), Sport Innovation and Technology Center
(SITC), Automotive Development Centre (ADC) and Institut Ibnu Sina (ISS).


The UTM Antarctica Research Team focuses on research projects based on the holistic theme of Impact of Antarctic
climate change on tropical region from the socio-economic-ecological perspective.

The objectives of this research team are;

    • To examine Antarctic climate change influences on socio-economic-ecology of tropical region
    • To predict future scenario of climate change impact on tropical region based on Antarctic climate dynamics
    • To set up regional hub on Antarctica-tropic impact center at UTM

The theme is based on FOUR major programmes which consist of research projects lead by staff from various research
groups and centre of excellent. Table 1 presents four major programmes and its research projects.



Program 1:

Impact of Climate Change on Antarctica-Tropical region.



[1] Influences of Antartic ocean circulation variation on tropical region. – Dr. Benny N. Peter, Sustainability Research Alliance (SRA)

[2] Comparative studies on ocean in the Antartic ocean and Asian waters. – Dr. Eko Siswanto, Institut Sains dan Teknologi Geospatial (INSTeG)

[3] Land cover changes in the Antartica and Asian region related to global warming. – Prof. Sr. Dr. Mazlan Hashim, Institut Sains dan Teknologi Geospatial (INSTeG)

[4] Changes in Atmospheric variables in the Antartica and Asian region related to global warming. – Dr. Mohd Nadzri Md Reba, Institut Sains dan Teknologi Geospatial (INSTeG)

[5] Socio-economic impact of environmental changes in Malaysia and ASEAN due to Antartic climate change. – Prof. Ho Chin Siong, Centre for Innovative Planning and Developement (CIPD)

[6] Establish of UTM repository for modelling impact. – Prof. Madya. Dr. Norma Alias, Institut Ibnu-Sina (IIS)


Program 2:

Fundamental Science


[7] Innovative and suitable biological systems for mitigating climate change. – Prof. Madya. Dr. Zaharah Ibrahim, Environmental Biotechnology Research Group (EnviBio)

[8] Innovative bio-monitoring of climate change. – Dr. Shafinaz Shahir, Environmental Biology (EnviBio)

Program 3:

Fitness-Science  & Student Involvement

[9] Lung respiratory system in cold weather by using blow ball games. – Prof. Dr. Hafidz Omar, Sport and Innovation Technology Centre (SITC)

Program 4:


[10] Developement of energy harnessed system for low temperature region. – Prof. Ir. Dr. Azhar Abdul Aziz, Automotive Developement Centre (ADC)

[11] Biomass-based alcohol formulated fuel investigation in HCCI at sub-zero temperature. – Dr. Mohd Farid Muhamad Said, Automotive Developement Centre (ADC)

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