Research Institute for Sustainable Environment (RISE) was established on 15th February 2015.

This institute was formed from a merger between 5 outstanding Centers of Excellence in UTM namely Center for Environmental Sustainability & Water Security (IPASA), Geosciences and Digital Earth Center (INSTeG), Process Systems Engineering Centre (PROSPECT), Center for Innovative Planning and Development (CIPD) and Center for Coastal and Ocean Engineering (COEI).

The institute provides R&D, consultancy, lab services, monitoring and testing, as well as advices for policy makers, industries, town planners and domestic users in the area of sustainable environmental management, planning and engineering.

Niche Area

Resilience Planning and Sustainable Engineering for the Environment

Research Area

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Water Pollution Control
  • Water Management
  • Smart Industry / Factory
  • Smart Industrial Park Planning
  • Planning & Design Smart Grid
  • Smart Green Port
  • Capacity Building
  • Sustainable policy and physical planning of future cities
  • Adaptive planning for climate resilient cities
  • Building urban resilience through urban design
  • Smart mobility as a means of creating sustainable cities

Research Area

  • Sustainable tourism to enhance community resilience
  • Rural transformation and sustainable rural communities
  • Policies and practices for a low carbon society
  • GIS and modern technology in sustainable land use planning
  • Coastal engineering & modelling
  • Estuary and ocean ecosystem
  • Marine hazard and mitigations
  • Remote sensing applications
  • Remote Sensing & Geospatial Solutions
  • Water & Carbon Footprint

Research Centers

Full Members

Associate Members

Research Officers

Assistant Engineers

Research Assistants

Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Water Security (IPASA)

It was founded in 1994, which was formerly known as the Institute of Environmental and Water Resource Management. It is an interdisciplinary centre which integrates expertise in various fields at UTM to work with problems related to environment. IPASA undertakes both basic and applied research in providing practical and sustainable solutions in environmental related areas. IPASA provides consultancy services in environmental related areas such as environmental impact assessment (EIA), environmental management plan (EMP), climate change impact, green technology, life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon footprint, water footprint, water and wastewater treatment technology, waste and material recovery, water reuse, integrated water resources management, urban runoff management and flood mitigation.

Geosciences and Digital Earth Centre (INSTeG)

INSTeG is created to gain the vibrant, innovative and productive research culture, apart from to maintain the status of Research University. It practices integrative and collaborative research which involves multi-disciplinary teams, knowledge and networking at national and international levels. INSTeG provides consultancy services and training in the area of precise surveying and geodetic metrology, remote sensing and geo-sensing, geoinformatics and land information system as the continuation of professional developments.

Process Systems Engineering Centre (PROSPECT)

PROSPECT specialises in aspects of planning, design and creation of sustainable and innovative process and product supply chain as well as optimal and efficient operation of process systems. It has more than 20 years experiences in R&D, software product development, consultancy services and training on conservation of natural resources; materials, energy and water. PROSPECT has completed various consultancy projects related to sustainable development, planning and engineering of resources for various industrial sectors including palm oil and oleo-chemicals, agriculture, refinery and petrochemicals, bio-processes, fine chemicals, semi-conductor, pulp and paper, herbal and pharmaceuticals, food and drinks, cement industry as well as for building facilities.

Centre for Innovative Planning and Development (CIPD)

Its role is to spearhead R&D in Urban and regional planning with a clear focus on nurturing innovation within an interdisciplinary platform. CIPD provides research area on urban and reginal planning, tourism planning and management, rural planning and development, logistics and transportation planning, GIS and remote sensing, sustainable planning and development, environmental planning and management, urban design and conservation and new regional corridors development.

Centre for Coastal and Ocean Engineering Institute (COEI)

The initial formation of COEI started in 1984 at the Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM. COEI provides research, training and consultancy services on the development of coastal protection, the applications of computer simulation and physical modelling for feasibility studies, hydraulic and coastal designs, and impact assessment studies. COEI has extensive experience in hydraulic and coastal site investigation and data collection, development and applications of physical and mathematical models and conducting comprehensive hydraulic and coastal studies.

Research Ecosystem
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM Nexus - Research & Innovation

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DVCRI Profile Johor Bahru Office Kuala Lumpur Office

Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HI-COE)

Advance Membrane Technology Research Centre - AMTEC Institute of Noise & Vibration - INV Wireless Communication Centre - WCC

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Institute of High Voltage & High Current - IVAT UTM-MPRC Institue for Oil & Gas - IFOG Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics - CAIRO Centre for Engineering Education - CEE Centre for Advanced Composite Materials - CACM Innovation Centre in Agritechnology for Advanced Bioprocessing - ICA Institute of Bioproduct Development - IBD

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Research Management Centre - RMC Penerbit UTM Press Centre for Community & Industry Network - CCIN Innovation & Commercialisation Centre - ICC University Laboratory Management Centre - PPMU Institut Sultan Iskandar - UTM-ISI

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