List of Publications

Ismail A.S., Jawaid M., Sultan M.T.H., Hassan A.Physical and mechanical properties of woven kenaf/bamboo fiber mat reinforced epoxy hybrid compositesBIORESOURCES2019
Abdullah N.A.S., Mohamad Z., Man S.H.C., Baharulrazi N., Majid R.A., Jusoh M., Ngadi N.Thermal and toughness enhancement of poly (lactic acid) bio-nanocompositesChemical Engineering Transactions2019
Alis A., Majid R.A., Mohamad Z.Morphologies and thermal properties of palm-oil based rigid polyurethane/halloysite nanocomposite foamsChemical Engineering Transactions2019
Basri M.H., Mohamad Z., Hassan A., Kumar A.Properties enhancement of biocomposite based on poly (lactic acid) and banana fiberChemical Engineering Transactions2019
Hasan H.M., Wahit M.U., Muhamad Z., Man S.H.C., Othman N.The Effect of Poly(ethylene-octene) Grafted Maleic Anhydride Elastomer (POEgMA) and Liquid Epoxidised Natural Rubber (LENR) on Mechanical Properties of Poly(hydroxyl-3-butyrate) (PHB)Chemical Engineering Transactions2019
Kabeb S.M., Hassan A., Mohamad Z., Sharer Z., Mokhtar M., Ahmad F.Exploring the effects of nanofillers of epoxy nanocomposite coating for sustainable corrosion protectionChemical Engineering Transactions2019
Wang J., Nor Hidayah Z., Razak S.I.A., Kadir M.R.A., Nayan N.H.M., Li Y., Amin K.A.M.Surface Entrapment Of Chitosan On 3D Printed Polylactic Acid Scaffold And Its Biomimetic Growth Of HydroxyapatiteComposite Interfaces2019
Rajendran, TS; Johar, M; Low, KO; Abu Hassan, S; Wong, KJInterlaminar Fracture Toughness Of A Plain Weave Flax/Epoxy CompositePLASTICS RUBBER AND COMPOSITES2019
Yusoff, NISM; Wahit, MU; Jaafar, J; Wong, TWStructural And Characterization Studies Of Insoluble Thai Bombyx Mori Silk Fibroin FilmsMalaysian Journal Of Fundamental And Applied Sciences2019
Razzaq, AM; Majid, DL; Ishak, MR; Basheer, UMInfluence Of Fly Ash On The Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of AA6063 Alloy Using Compocasting TechniqueMaterials Express2019
Desa, MSZM; Hassan, A; Arsad, A; Arjmandi, REffect Of Core-Shell Rubber Toughening On Mechanical, Thermal, And Morphological Properties Of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes NanocompositesJournal Of Applied Polymer Science2019
Raheem A.B., Noor Z.Z., Hassan A., Abd Hamid M.K., Samsudin S.A., Sabeen A.H.Current Developments In Chemical Recycling Of Post-Consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate Wastes For New Materials Production: A ReviewJournal Of Cleaner Production2019
Rabiu Salihu, Choi Yee Foong, Saiful Izwan Abd Razak, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Abdul Halim Mohd Yusof, Gondhalekarnadirul Hasraf Mat NayanOverview Of Inexpensive Production Routes Of Bacterial Cellulose And Its Applications In Biomedical EngineeringCellulose Chemistry And Technology2019
Christopher Igwe Idumah , Azman Hassan, James Ogbu, J.U Ndem & Iheoma Chigoziri NwuzorRecently Emerging Advancements In Halloysite Nanotubes Polymer NanocompositesComposite Interfaces2019
Nor Azman Ismail, Nurul Aiman Ab Majid, Shukur Abu HassanIOT-Based Smart Solid Waste Management System A Systematic Literature ReviewInternational Journal Of Innovative Technology And Exploring Engineering2019
Christopher Igwe Idumah, Azman Hassan & David Esther IhuomaRecently Emerging Trends In Polymer Nanocomposites Packaging MaterialsPolymer-Plastics Technology And Materials2019
Rohani Mustapha, Abdul Razak Rahmat, Rohah Abdul Majid & Siti Noor Hidayah MustaphaVegetable Oil-Based Epoxy Resins And Their Composites With Bio-Based Hardener: A Short ReviewPolymer-Plastics Technology And Materials2019
M. R. Ayatollahi, Behzad Bahrami, A. M. Mirzaei, Mohd Yazid YahyaEffects Of Support Friction On Mode I Stress Intensity Factor And Fracture Toughness In SENB TestingTheoretical And Applied Fracture Mechanics2019
Hussain, AK; Sudin, I; Basheer, UM; Yusop, MZMA Review On Graphene-Based Polymer Composite Coatings For The Corrosion Protection Of MetalsCorrosion Reviews2019
Heydari-Meybodi M., Ayatollahi M.R., Berto F., Yazid Yahya M.Rupture Assessment Of Rubber/Clay Nanocomposites Containing A Crack By Means Of An Energy-Based Fracture CriterionArchives Of Civil And Mechanical Engineering2019
Ayatollahi M.R., Heydari-Meybodi M., Berto F., Yahya M.Y.Mixed-Mode Fracture In EPDM/SBR/Nanoclay Rubber Composites: An Experimental And Theoretical InvestigationComposites Part B: Engineering2019
Bahrami, B; Ayatollahi, MR; Sedighi, I; Yahya, MYAn Insight Into Mode II Fracture Toughness Testing Using SCB SpecimenFatigue & Fracture Of Engineering Materials & Structures2019
Abba M., Ibrahim Z., Chong C.S., Zawawi N.A., Kadir M.R.A., Yusof A.H.M., Razak S.I.A.Transdermal Delivery Of Crocin Using Bacterial Nanocellulose MembraneFibers And Polymers2019
Hussain, AK; Al Naib, UMBRecent Developments In Graphene Based Metal Matrix Composite Coatings For Corrosion Protection Application: A ReviewJournal Of Metals Materials And Minerals2019
Ma, QJ; Sahat, IM; Rejab, MRM; Abu Hassan, S; Bo, Z; Merzuki, MNMThe Energy-Absorbing Characteristics Of Filament Wound Hybrid Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic/Polylactic Acid Tubes With Different Infill Pattern StructuresJournal Of Reinforced Plastics And Composites2019
Kabeb, SM; Hassan, A; Mohamad, Z; Sharer, Z; Mokhtar, M; Ahmad, FEffect Of Graphene Nanoplatelets On Flame Retardancy And Corrosion Resistance Of Epoxy Nanocomposite CoatingMalaysian Journal Of Fundamental And Applied Sciences2019
Mohsenizadeh S., Ahmad Z., Alipour R., Majid R.A., Prawoto Y.Quasi Tri-Axial Method For The Fabrication Of Optimized Polyurethane Auxetic FoamsPhysica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research2019
Karimzadeh A., Ayatollahi M.R., Koloor S.S.R., Bushroa A.R., Yahya M.Y., Tamin M.N.Assessment Of Compressive Mechanical Behavior Of Bis-GMA Polymer Using Hyperelastic ModelsPolymers2019
Majeed K., Ahmed A., Abu Bakar M.S., Mahlia T.M.I., Saba N., Hassan A., Jawaid M., Hussain M., Iqbal J., Ali Z.Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Montmorillonite-Reinforced Polypropylene/Rice Husk Hybrid NanocompositesPolymers2019
Karimzadeh, A; Koloor, SSR; Ayatollahi, MR; Bushroa, AR; Yahya, MYAssessment Of Nano-Indentation Method In Mechanical Characterization Of Heterogeneous Nanocomposite Materials Using Experimental And Computational ApproachesScientific Reports2019
Hamzah, MSA; Austad, A; Abd Razak, SI; Nayan, NHMTensile And Wettability Properties Of Electrospun Polycaprolactone Coated With Pectin/Polyaniline Composite For Drug Delivery ApplicationInternational Journal Of Structural Integrity2019
Haq R.H.A., Rahman M.N.A., Arifin A.M.T., Hassan M.F., Taib I., Wahit M.U.Thermal Properties Of Polycaprolactone (PCL) Reinforced Montmorillonite (MMT) And Hydroxyapatite (HA) As An Alternate Of FDM Composite FilamentJournal Of Advanced Research In Fluid Mechanics And Thermal Sciences2019
Al-Saleh M.A., Yussuf A.A., Al-Enezi S., Kazemi R., Wahit M.U., Al-Shammari T., Al-Banna A.Polypropylene/Graphene Nanocomposites: Effects Of GNP Loading And Compatibilizers On The Mechanical And Thermal PropertiesMaterials2019
Laftah, WA; Majid, RADevelopment Of Bio-Composite Film Based On High Density Polyethylene And Oil Palm Mesocarp FibreSn Applied Sciences2019
Roslan, MN; Yahya, MY; Ahmad, Z; Rashid, AHAAxial Impact Crushing Behaviour Of Thin-Walled Braided Composite Tubes: Experimental Comparison On Basalt Fibre And Glass Fibre ReinforcementInternational Conference On Mechanical And Manufacturing Engineering (Icme2018)2019
Amin Dani A., Ashiqeen Jamaluddin N., Abu Hassan S., Yazid Yahya M.Modulus Effect On Local Load Distribution For FRP/Steel Bonded JointIOP Conference Series: Earth And Environmental Science2019
Jamaluddin, NA; Sheikh, S; Hanan, UA; Mokhtar, NI; Abu Hassan, S; Yahya, MY; Ahmad, Y; Omar, B; Sam, ARMComparison Of Tensile Properties Between Natural Fibres And Inorganic Fibres For Strengthening Timber StructuresInternational Conference On Advances In Civil And Environmental Engineering (Icancee 2018)2019
Mat Desa M.S.Z., Hassan A., Arsad A., Yusop M.Dynamic Mechanical Properties And Morphology Characteristics Of Rubber-Toughened Poly(Lactic Acid)E3S Web Of Conferences2019
Hilmi, FF; Wahit, MU; Shukri, NA; Ghazali, Z; Zanuri, AZPhysico-Chemical Properties Of Biodegradable Films Of Polyvinyl Alcohol/Sago Starch For Food PackagingMaterials Today-Proceedings2019
Jusoh, MSM; Yahya, MY; Ahmad, HAIDynamic Compression Properties Of E-Glass/Basalt And E-Glass/Flax Using SHPBProceedings Of Mechanical Engineering Research Day 2019 (Merd'19)2019
Almula T.A.D.M.S., Khuder A.H., Yahya M.Y., Ayob A.Numerical Investigation Of Hybrid Of Eglass And Basalt Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Tube Pressurized InternallyIOP Conference Series: Materials Science And Engineering2019
Fakhruddin K., Abd Razak S.I., Murad M.A., Mat Nayan N.H., Sa'adon S.Effect Of Pressure And Infill Density Parameter Setting On Morphological And Mechanical Properties Of Polycaprolactone Printed Scaffold Using Desktop 3D BioprinterJournal Of Physics: Conference Series2019
Saadon S., Razak S.I.A., Ismail A.E., Nayan N.H.M., Fakhruddin K.Influence Of Diclofenac Sodium Loading On Physicochemical And Mechanical Properties Of Dual Layer Polyvinyl Alcohol Transdermal PatchJournal Of Physics: Conference Series2019
Sa'adon S., Abd Razak S.I., Ismail A.E., Fakhruddin K.Drug-Loaded Poly-Vinyl Alcohol Electrospun Nanofibers For Transdermal Drug Delivery: Review On Factors Affecting The Drug ReleaseProcedia Computer Science2019
Sa'adon S., Abd Razak S.I., Ismail A.E., Fakhruddin K.Fabrication Of Dual Layer Polyvinyl Alcohol Transdermal Patch: Effect Of Freezing-Thawing Cycles On Morphological And Swelling AbilityProcedia Computer Science2019
Fahmi F. Muhammad, Mohd Yazid Yahya, Fakhra Aziz, Mariwan A. Rasheed, Khaulah SulaimanTuning the Extinction Coefficient, Refractive Index, Dielectric Constant and Optical Conductivity of Gaq3 Films for the Application of OLED Displays TechnologyJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics2017
Iqbal Mokhtar, Mohd Yazid Yahya, Shukur Abu Hassan, Ab Saman Abd Kader, Carlo SantulliTransverse Impact Response of Filament Wound Basalt Composite TubesComposites Part B: Engineering2017
Yusof Bin Hamzah, Shahrir Hashim, Wan Aizan Wan Abd RahmanSynthesis of Polymeric Nano/Microgels: A ReviewJournal of Polymer Research2017
Pengfei Wang, Jinglei Yang, Xin Li, Mao Liu, Xin Zhang, Dawei Sun, Chenlu Bao, Guangfa Gao, Mohd Yazid Yahya, Songlin XuModification of the Contact Surfaces for Improving the Puncture Resistance of Laminar StructuresScientific Reports2017
Fahmi F Muhammad, Mohd Y Yahya, Shilan S Hameed, Fakhra Aziz, Khaulah Sulaiman, Mariwan A Rasheed, Zubair AhmadEmployment of Single-Diode Model to Elucidate the Variations in Photovoltaic Parameters under Different Electrical and Thermal ConditionsPLOS ONE2017
Amirrudin Yaacob *, Z.A. Zakaria, Koto Jaswar, M.Y. YahyaThe Comparison on Mechanical Bonding Properties of Untreated Coconut Fiber towards Synthetic Fiber for Fiberglass Boat BuildingKey Engineering Materials2017
Mohd Haziq Dzulkifli, Mohd Yazid Yahya and Rohah A. MajidRigid Palm Oil-Based Polyurethane Foam Reinforced with Diamine-Modified Montmorillonite Nanoclay2017 5th International Conference on Nanomaterials and Materials Engineering, ICNME 2017; Bali; Indonesia; 1 April 2017 through 3 April 20172017
Mohamad Al Hafiz Ibrahim, Azman Hassan, Mat Uzir Wahit, Mahbub Hasan, Munirah MokhtarMechanical Properties and Morphology of Polypropylene/Poly(Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) Nanocomposites: Effect of Compatibilizer and Montmorillonite ContentJournal of Elastomers and Plastics2017
Wong Tuck Whye, Jingjun Wu, Miao Yang, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Mat Uzir Wahit, Qian ZhaoMultifunctional Shape-Memory Foams with Highly Tunable Properties via Organo-phase Cryo-PolymerizationJournal of Materials Chemistry A2017
Seyed Ahmad Attaran , Azman Hassan, Mat Uzir WahitMaterials for food packaging applications based on bio-based polymer nanocomposites: A reviewJournal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials2017
Mohammad Soheilmoghaddam, Hossein Adelnia, Ghorbanali Sharifzadeh, Mat Uzir Wahit, Tuck Whye Wong, Abdirahman Ali YussufBionanocomposite regenerated cellulose/single-walled carbon nanotube films prepared using ionic liquid solventCellulose2017
Umar Abdul Hanan, Shukur Abu Hassan, Mat Uzir Wahit, Rohana Yusof, Balqis Omar, Siti Khalijah JamalMechanical properties of recycled glass fibre reinforced nanoclay/unsaturated polyester compositesInternational Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences2017
Sharoul Jambari, Muhamad Yazid Yahya, Mohamed Ruslan Abdullah, Mohammad JawaidWoven Kenaf/Kevlar Hybrid Yarn as potential fiber reinforced for anti-ballistic composite materialFibers and Polymers2017
Siti Khalijah Jamal, Shukur Abu Hassan, Wong King Jye, Mohd Yazid YahyaFlexural and interlaminar shear study of hybrid woven kenaf/recycled
GFRP (rGFRP) composites subjected to bending load
International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences2017
A. Fakhari, A.R. Rahmat, M.U. Wahit, R. ArjmandiBio-Based Hybrid Polymers from Vinyl Ester Resin and Modified Palm Oil: Synthesis and CharacterizationInternational Polymer Processing2017
Xin Li, Mohd Yazid Yahya, Amin Bassiri Nia, Zhihua Wang, Jinglei Yang, Guoxing LuDynamic Failure of Basalt/Epoxy Laminates Under Blast—Experimental ObservationInternational Journal of Impact Engineering2017
Mohammad Soheilmoghaddam, Hossein Adelnia, Hossein Cheraghi Bidsorkhi, Ghorbanali Sharifzadeh, Mat Uzir Wahit, Noel Ibrahim Akos, Abdirahman Ali YussufDevelopment of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Composites Reinforced with Graphene PlateletsMacromolecular Materials and Engineering2017
Xin Li, Amin Bassiri Nia, Xiaomin Ma, Mohd Yazid Yahya & Zhihua WangDynamic Response of Kevlar®29/Epoxy Laminates Under Projectile Impact-Experimental InvestigationMechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures2017
Fahmi F. Muhammad, Mohd Yazid Yahya, Khaulah SulaimanImproving the Performance of Solution-processed Organic Solar Cells by Incorporating Small Molecule Acceptors into a Ternary Bulk Heterojunction Based on DH6T:Mq3:PCBM (M= Ga, Al)Materials Chemistry and Physics2017



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