Astro Awani: Pantau Agenda Reformasi Andalan 2024

Prof. Ts. Dr. Ida Idayu Muhamad has been invited to Astro Awani as the Guest Speaker to discuss on the sustainability and quality of food. She has shared his knowledge and expertise in the ‘Pantau Agenda Reformasi: Andalan 2024’ slot.

27 December 2023

ICICyTA 2023

In collaboration with Telkom University, Indonesia and Bali International University, Indonesia, IJN-UTM CEC has successfully co-organized the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Cybernetics Technology & Applications 2023 (ICICyTA 2023) conference at Bali. A total of 96 papers have been accepted with the acceptance ratio of 46%.

13 – 15 December 2023

First Aid & CPR Training 2023

A 1-day training on First Aid & CPR has been successfully conducted where all 20 participants has passed the practical training and MCQ exam. This training is in collaboration with UTM Health Care (PKU UTM). The training content was delivered in the morning, followed by the practical training on four sessions of adult CPR, CPR for baby, aid bandage and splint cervical. 

29 November 2023

Research Collaboration with CMU, Thailand 

A warm visit has been done to Chiang Mai University (CMU), Thailand, specifically to Biomedical Engineering Institute. Possible research activities and research projects have been aligned between IJN-UTM CEC and CMU. Among the CMU team members are Dr. Chawan, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarawut and Dr, Wani.

24 November 2023

7th ICNB 2023

Congratulation to Dida Faadihilah Khrisna, under the supervision of Dr. Syafiqah Saidin for the Best Presenter Award in one of the sessions at 7th International Conference on Nanomaterials and Biomaterials (ICNB 2023) which was held at Chiang Mai, Thailand on the article, ‘Morphological and Characterization Analysis of PCL/Estradiol Electrospun Membrane for Bone Regeneration Application’.

23 November 2023

YPWLC: 2nd Place Winner

Heartiest congratulations to Kugambikai Vangetaraman, under the supervision of Dr. Syafiqah Saidin, who won the 2nd place at the Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition 2023. Subsequently, she has placed Malaysia at the second podium globally. Her presentation video has been showcased on IOM3 website: https://www.iom3.org/events-awards/competitions/ypwlc.html

08 November 2023

25th INATEX 2023 

Warmest congratulations to Dr. Syafiqah Saidin, our Director and her team members who successfully won the Gold Award for the innovation/invention of “Factor VII Biodegradable Cardiac Patch” at the 25th Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition (INATEX 2023) held at UTMKL Residency.

25 – 26 October 2023


IJN-UTM CEC has participated in UTM Nexus Expo 2023 at UTM KL Residency by opening CoE booth and displaying Rehab Track innovation by Dr. Hau Yuan Wen. Besides, a sponsor with a cumulative amount of RM46,900 has been received from IJN KL through a Health Screening Program that targeted 250 screening per day. 

25 – 26 October 2023

FRGS, PDRU and iConnect Grants

Congratulation to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azli Yahya, Dr. Syafiqah Saidin and Dr. Raimi Dewan for the approval of FRGS grant with a total amount of RM433,860. Congratulation too to Dr. Syafiqah Saidin (PDRU grant: RM128,279.60) and Prof. Dr. Ida Idayu (iConnect Grant: RM 50,000) for both acquired grants.

07 October 2023

Deputy Director IJN-UTM CEC

Congratulations to Dr. Jasmine Hau Yuan Wen for being re-appointed as Deputy Director of IJN-UTM Cardiovascular Engineering Centre commencing 1 October 2023 – 30 September 2024.

05 October 2023

APSAO Congress 2023

IJN-UTM CEC as the co-organiser for Asia-Pacific Society for Artificial Organ Congress 2023 (APSAO) thas has been held for 2 days on 25-26 Sept 2023 at PAUM Clubhouse, University of Malaya. This event has gathered 24 Guest Speakers, 35 presenters, 13 participants and 5 companies. The Guest Speakers are among surgeons, clinicians and academicians from Japan, India, Australia, Singapore, United States, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. Thanks APSAO for the funding in organising the Congress.

25 – 26 September 2023

Research Visit by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia

Research visit by delegates from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia to discuss possible research collaboration and sharing session on products developed by IJN UTM researchers. Thank you UTM Innovation & Commercialisation Centre (Dr. Norhayati Mohamed Noor and team) for the arrangement of the visit.

20 September 2023 

Function Test at EMC Laboratory, IJN-UTM CEC

An overall function test was conducted at EMC Laboratory, IJN-UTM CEC to check the capability of the facilities to emit and to detect electromagnetic signals. Few experts were involved in running the test including Dr. You Kok Yeuw, Dr. Raimi Dewan, Dr. Fahmiruddin Esa (UTHM), Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Tan Tian Sween and Dr. Omar Abdul Aziz, accompanying by Dr. Syafiqah Saidin and Dr. Hau Yuan Wen.  

04 & 09 September 2023

Adjunct Professor: Institut Jantung Negara

Congratulation to Prof. Datuk Dr. Aizai Azan Abdul Rahim (CEO of IJN), Prof. Dr. Hasri Samion (CCO of IJN) and Prof. Dato’ Dr. Suhaini Kadiman (Director of Clinical Research, IJN) for the continuation appointment as UTM Adjunct Professor from 1 Sept 2023 until 31 August 2024.

01 September 2023

National Materials Lecture Competition 2023

Congratulation Kugambikai Vangetaraman, our Ph.D. student supervised by Dr. Syafiqah Saidin, who was crowned as a Champion of the National Materials Lecture Competition 2023. She will be representing Malaysia in the Virtual Young Persons’ World Competition 2023 (YPWLC 2023) which will take place in November 2023.

28 August 2023

MKiNE iHumEn 2023

IJN-UTM CEC manage to secure  The Prestige Research Centre Award under iHumEn for the 2022 achievement with the best marks in Section Quality & Quantity of Research), D (Postgraduate), G (Networking) and  H (Resources). 11 awards have been attained individually by IJN-UTM CEC fellows and staff. Congratulation.

11 August 2023

Benchmarking Visit by Polytechnic Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah

A benchmarking visit by Polytechnic Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah to IJN-UTM CEC on the Institute and Research Centre’s management. The session was attended by Dr. Norhayati Zakaria (Director), Ts. Dr. Hj. Ahmad Aftas Azman (Deputy Director of Academic), Mr. Mohd Mubarak Shamsuddin (Deputy Director of Academic Support) and other 23 delegation.

08 August 2023

Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2023

Congratulation Joyce Lim Xin Yee, Cheah Jee Syuen and Tan Yu Wei (SV: Dr. Hau Yuan Wen) for the the Excellence Award Winner in the Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2023 with the projects ‘6 Minutes Walk Test (6MWT) Monitoring System for Remote Monitoring an Supervision of Rehabilitation with Vital Signs Monitoring’.

07 August 2023

Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2023

Congratulation Lim Su Shen, Kan Nae Cherng and Florence Sung Jade Wen (SV: Dr. Hau Yuan Wen) for the Second Prize in the Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2023 with the projects ‘Cuffless Blood Pressure Meter with IoT Integrated for Smart Healthcare Purposes’ under the track ‘Cloud, Web & Mobile Apps Design’.

07 August 2023

UTM Materials Lecture Competition 2023

Congratulation Kugambikai Vangetaraman (SV: Dr. Syafiqah Saidin) for the gold medal in UTM  MLC 2023 with the title ‘Dual-composite co-electrospun polyurethane/chitosan & polyvinil alcohol/elastin for vascular patch’. She has been selected as one of the 5 finalists to National MLC.

03 August 2023

Visit by SRM Institute of Technology, Chennai, India

A visit by SRM Institute of Technology, Chennai, India to IJN-UTM CEC to discuss on possible joint research collaboration. The session was attended by Prof. Dr. G. Niranjana from SRM Institute of Technology and Dr. Mohd Fitri bin Yakub from MJIIT.

27 July 2023

Research Officer: Nur Arbainah Shamsul Annuar

Welcome Mdm. Nur Arbainah Shamsul Annuar to IJN-UTM CEC as the Research Officer grade Q44. Thanks to Mr. Muhamad Akmal Ayob for the 10 years service at IJN-UTM CEC.

16 July 2023

Chartered Engineering: Dr. Hau Yuan Wen

Congratulation Dr. Hau Yuan Wen for the recognition as Chartered Engineer by UK Engineering Council, and Institution of Engineering & Technology.

15 July 2023

Visit by IPB Bogor, Indonesia

A visit by Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia to IJN – UTM CEC. The session discusses possible joint research collaboration and sharing session on grant and publication by both universities. Apart from that, a visit to Biomedical Sciences Lab was done.

05 July 2023

CEO Talk: Datuk Dr. Aizai Azan

The CEO of IJN, Datuk Dr. Aizai Azan Abdul Rahim has highlighted the talk ‘Heart Matters: Advancing Cardiac Care through Precision Medicine’ in his slot of CEO Talk. The CEO Talk is hosted in conjunction with the IJN-UTM Research Convention 2023. Datuk Aizai has exposed the audiences with the current technologies at IJN and the future technologies of precision medicine in advancing the healthcare system.

21 June 2023

Memorandum Signing between UTM and IJN

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is held for 5 years between UTM and IJN that encompasses of research activities in cardiovascular engineering and science. While Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was signed for the IJN Integrated Research Management System (i-RMS) project with the amount of RM171,990.

21 June 2023

Research Exhibition at IJN-UTM Convention 2023

A total of 12 projects/products have joined the Research Exhibition at IJN-UTM Cardiovascular Convention 2023. Nine out of 12 projects are the collaboration between IJN and UTM that in minimum have reached TRL 3 and maximum TRL 7. Each exhibition booth was visited by the CEO, CCO and Director of Clinical Research of IJN, accomponied by UTM DVCRI, Director of iHumEn and Director of IJN-UTM CEC.

21 June 2023


Consultation Service Analysis

Congratulation Prof. Dr. Kahar Osman for securing RM 20,245 for the service analysis on ‘Simulation Thermal Energy Storage for Insafoam Insulator (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. – Secondary Flows due to Beam Installation to the Thermocline Thickness. In the team: Prof. Dr. Kahar Osman, Dr. Mohamad Ikhwan Kori and two students.

17 April 2023

Research Visit by Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Visit by Institute of Helath & Analytics, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) to i-HumEn to discuss on potential joint research collaboration. A part from that, a visit to laboratories including Injury Prevention & Sports Rehabilitation Lab, Biocompatibility Lab, Biomedical Sciences Lab and Sports Biomechanics & Motion Analysis Lab was done.

12 April 2023

Research Visit by Hospital Penawar

Visit by Dato’ Azhar from Hospital Penawar to IJN – UTM CEC. The session discusses the possible joint research collaboration focusing on the area of stent and nephrology. There are 6 research projects have been identified for the collaboration between Hospital Penawar and IJN-UTM CEC.

04 April 2023

Professional Technologist by MBOT

Congratulation Prof. Ts. Dr. Ida Idayu for being awarded Professional Technologist by the Malaysian Board of Technology (MBOT).

12 March 2023

Courtesy Visit from Engelhardt Institute, Russia

A research visit from Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia (EIMB RAS) to UTM and several laboratories at IJN-UTM CEC. Three research areas including drug delivery system will be co-ventured through the initiation of MoU.

20 February 2023

Good Clinical Practice Certified Course 2023

The Certified Good Clinical Practice 2023 (GCP 2023) was successfully organized and attended by 17 participants who are interested to conduct research and analysis on the human subject. The course was delivered by four speakers where the last hour was the session for GCP examination.

06 – 08 March 2023

VR Metaverse Teaching – DNB and Ericsson

Dr. Syafiqah successfully delivered the 15 min lesson on the Anatomy of the Heart to students in Sarawak Curtin University through Metaverse dimension where she was exactly at UTM KL. The program was organized by WCC UTM, Ericsson and DNB to highlight the utilization of 5G. 

18 February 2023

Mann-Com Meeting IJN-UTM CEC and Clinical Research Dept. IJN Sdn. Bhd.

The first Mann-Com meeting in 2023 was attended by 5 members of IJN-UTM Management Committee. The achieved KPI 2022 for IJN-UTM CEC was updated to the Clinical Research Dept. IJN Sdn. Bhd. with the discussion on upcoming programs and activities.

16 February 2023

CHFM Certified Training

The Certified Healthcare Facility Management (CHFM) was delivered by Dr. Syafiqah at EPI Academy Sdn. Bhd. on the slot ‘Basic Anatomy & Physiology’. The training was done for 1 day to healthcare workers at Malaysia. She has officially renewed her appointment as the consultant trainer at EPI for 2023.

13 February 2023



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