Demand Side Management Lab

Steadily rising of electricity cost for a number of years and issues regarding climate change have become major issues throughout the world. Eventually, individuals are beginning to reduce their electricity consumption to minimize electricity bills and carbon footprint. Various effort, such as introducing energy awareness campaigns and honing renewable energy researches, are conducted as an approach to reduce electricity usage. One of the area of energy research and studies, the Demand Side Management (DSM),  is seen to provide a viable solution to the said problems.

DMS is a method to adjust the load profile of a consumer. It may consist of peak load clipping, load adjustment, load reduction etc. However, while most DSM methods have been applied or proposed, not all  are effective in reducing energy consumption of a particular user. A specific DSM method may reduce energy consumption of one consumer but may not be effective for another. For example, a consumer who uses a lot of lighting in his building may fiund replacing all his conventional lighting into CFL would reduce his electricity bills significantly as compared to the user who uses small lighting. Thus the effectiveness of a particular DSM program depends on how consumers use their electrical appliances. As a response to this urgency, a DSM lab is established in UTM under the CEES department. In this lab, all DSM equipments and simulation tools will be focused on doing DSM-related research, simulation, testing, and studies.




  • Measuring Equipments


MP120E HD300 micro manometer
Extech Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer
With Data Logger MP120E
 Extech CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer HD300
 Kimo Instruments Electronic Manometer


AQ100 extech humidity PCA3
Kimo Instruments Air Quality AQ100
 Extech Humidity/Temperature Data Logger
 Bacharach Portable Combustion Analyzer PCA3


refrigerant identifier Flow Meter UFX Extech lux Meter 45170
 Pu Chek HVAC Advanced Refrigerant Identifier
 Dynasonic Ultrasonic Dlow Meter UFX
 Extech Lux Meter 45170


Power Quality Analyzer         Light Meter LM-120
  Power Quality Analyzer KEW 6310
          Amprobe AM 530-Multimeter



  • Other Tools


Hand Drill Bosch GSB-18-2-LI Flexible clamps Tool Box Kit (Proskit Box)
Hand Drill (Bosch GSB 18-2-LI)
 Flexible Clamps
Tool Box Kit (Proskit Box)


Site Activities

  • Investigate the cause of frequent pump motor burns and trip (SAJ MUAR) 2020.

  • CSR Energy audit at SMK Taman Universiti (2020)

  •  Energy saving project at Ranhill SAJ (2019)


Other Laboratory Activity

  • Energy audit


  • Energy consumption

Consultancy Services

  • Power Quality Audit

  • Research and consultancy with industry and government agencies

Partners and Colaboration

  • Dataran Berlian Sdn. Bhd

  • Advanced Power Solutions (APS)

  • Trastech Sdn. Bhd

  • Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Power Quality Baseline Study Project


Research Ecosystem
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM Nexus - Research & Innovation

Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

DVCRI Profile Johor Bahru Office Kuala Lumpur Office

Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HI-COE)

Advance Membrane Technology Research Centre - AMTEC Institute of Noise & Vibration - INV Wireless Communication Centre - WCC

Research Institute

Centre of Excellence (COE)

Institute of High Voltage & High Current - IVAT UTM-MPRC Institue for Oil & Gas - IFOG Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics - CAIRO Centre for Engineering Education - CEE Centre for Advanced Composite Materials - CACM Innovation Centre in Agritechnology for Advanced Bioprocessing - ICA Institute of Bioproduct Development - IBD

Service Entity

Research Management Centre - RMC Penerbit UTM Press Centre for Community & Industry Network - CCIN Innovation & Commercialisation Centre - ICC University Laboratory Management Centre - PPMU Institut Sultan Iskandar - UTM-ISI

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