List of Research Projects

A New Algorithm of Load Shedding Strategy Based on Adaptive Scheme for Islanded Microgrid System

May 2014-Apr 2016



Development of Artificial Intelligent Based Model for Building Electricity Consumption Forecasting

Apr 2014-Mar 2016



Auditing processes for energy consumption and savings

Aug 2011-Oct 2014

RM 200,000


Impact of soiling and Vegetation on Photovoltaic Systems Performance and Reliability

Apr 2014-Mar 2016

RM 75,000


Investigation on the impact of cloud-induced transients on grid-connected photovoltaic systems (GCPV) on the Malaysian Distribution Grids

May 2014-Apr 2016

RM 25,000


Modified Perturbed and Observed (P&O) Maximum Power Point Traker (MPPT) for Photovoltaic Application 

Apr 2014-Mar 2016

RM 81, 000


Photovoltaic Inverter Quality Control Centre (IQCC) : For Malaysia Building Integrated PV (MBIPV) Project

May 2007-Dec 2015

RM 1.47 mil


Biodiesel From Microalgae

Dec 2013-Dec 2014

RM 71,000


On Line Harmonics Elimination Pulse Eidth Modulation (Hepwm) For Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter Using Differential Evolution (De) Method

Aug 2011-Jan 2014

RM 140,000


Optimal Monitoring of Voltage Sags in Power System Network

Apr 2014-Jun 2015

RM 32, 000


Regulation of System Frequency Using Synchrophasors under High Penetration of Wind Energy in Smart Grids

Jul 2014-Jun 2015

RM 20,000


A Novel Distributed Control Approach For Smart Power Grids Using Spectral Cluster Analysis

Project Duration: Dec 2013 – Nov 2015

Grant:  RM 77,000


Evaluation Study On The Impact Of Hybrid System In a Microgrid

Project Duration: Mar 2013-Feb 2015

Grant: RM 126,400.00


Risk Management Of Uncertainties In Smart Grid Operating Conditions Using Monte Carlo Simulations

Project Duration: May 2012 – Apr 2013

Grant: RM 30,000.00


An Experimental Study Of Harmonics Impact On Step-Down Transformer In End User Equipment

Project Duration: 2012-2014



Constant Slip Control Of Wind Turbine Induction Generator At Low Wind Velocity

Project Duration: 2012-2014



On-Line Power Transformer Monitoring System For Regular Maintenance And Early Warning Of Failure And Losses

Project Duration: May 2012-April 2013



A New Customized Voltage Sag Generator (VSG) Using Tablet-PC Interfavce For Portable Electrical Equipment Testing

Project Duration: Dec 2012-Dec 2014



Development Of A Smart Microgrid Energy Management System 

Project Duration: September 2013-Feb 2016

Grant: RM161,500.00


Multi-Controller Design And Simulation For Street Lighting In UTM

Project Duration: May 2012-July 2013

Grant: RM30,000.00


Development Of A Smart Micro Grid Energy Management System

Project Duration: 2013-2016



A Novel Distributed Control Approach For Smart Power Grids Using Spectral Cluster Analysis

Project Duration: 2013-2015



PV Charging For Electric Vehicle

Project Duration: 2012-2015

Grant: RM 230,000.00


Maximum Power Point Tracker For PV System Based On Differential Evolution Method

Project Duration: 2012-2014

Grant: RM 145,000.00


International Energy Agency (IEA) PVPS Task 13: Performance And Reliability Of Photovoltaic (PV) Power System 

Project Duration: 2010-2014

Grant: RM 200,000.00


A Study of Technical and Economical Aspect of Suitable Locations for Generation Expansion in Restructured Power System

Project Duration           : April 2010 –  March 2012

Grant: RM 55,840.00


Multi-Core Parallel Programming Algorithms For Large Scale Differential-Algebraic Equation System

Project Duration: 01 April 2010-31 March 2012

Grant: RM 36,800.00


Development of Mathematical Model For Different PV Modules Technologies And Topology

Project Duration: November 2009 –  November 2011

Grant: RM 32,000.00


A Study of Parallel Programming Algorithms For Large Scale Non-Linear Equations Solutions

Project Duration: November 2009 –  November 2011

Grant: RM 34,000.00


A Study of Electricity Market Models In The Restructured Electricity Supply Industry

Project Duration: 01 September 2007 –  31 August 2009



Development of Transmission Use of System Charges Scheme for Malaysia Power System

Project Duration: July 2008 –  June 2010

Grant: RM 142,000.00


Study of Microturbine Impact on Distribution System

Project Duration:

Grant: RM 37,600.00


Harmonic Losses Estimation and Modelling in Power Distribution System

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Nor

Project Duration: Sept 2007 – August 2009

Grant: RM 100,000.00


Optimal Monitoring and Automatic Analysis of Voltage Sags for Power System Distribution Networks

Project Duration: Sept 2007 – August 2009

Grant funding: RM85,000.00


Security Constrained and loss minimised electrical power system operation

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Nor

Project Duration: 15th Dec 2007 – 15th Dec 2009

Total eScience Funding: RM 199,000.00


Modeling and Analysis of Distribution Networks Connected to Waste-Heat Recovery Co-Generators

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Nor

Project Duration: Dec 2006 – Nov 2008

Total eScience Funding: RM 114,000.00


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