PhD Students


1) Ahmad Sukri Ahmad – Graduate
Project Title: GLSSVM Model for Building Electricity Energy Consumption Forecastin
2) Petinrin Joseph – Graduate
Project Title:Voltage Control in a Smart Grid with High Penetration of Renewable Generation
3) Sohrab Mirsaeidi – Graduate
Project Title: A new protection strategy for micro-grids using positive sequence component
 4) Syarifuddin Nojeng – Graduate
Project Title: An Improving the MW-Mile Method Using the Power Factor-Based Approach for Pricing the Transmission Services
5) Siti Maherah Hussin – Graduate
Project Title: Optimal Generation Maintenance Scheduling using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
6) Naaimah – Graduate
Project Title: Mid- term Fuel Scheduling by Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)
7) Muhammad Amjad – Graduate
Project Title: Transformerless Resonant Converter Driving Multiple Ozone Chambers for High Flow Rates
8) Zulkifli Ramli – Graduate
Project Title: Partial Shading Using Energy Recovery Circuit
9) Azhan Abdul Rahman – Graduate
Project Title: Tropical Efficiency of PV Inverter
10) Norazlan Hashim – Graduate
Project Title: MPPT for PV using Evolutionary Programming
11) Abdul Rauf Bhatti  – Graduate
Project Title: PV Charging Station for EV
12) Kyairul Azmi Baharin – Graduate
Project Title: Cloud-Induced Transient Impact of Distributed PV in the Malaysian Distribution Grid
13) Raja Nur Syazana NA
Project Title: Optimization of Hybrid PV-Wind System
14) Mohamed A.M. Almaktar – Graduate
Project Title: An Accurate Prediction of Irradiation and PV Module Temperature in Tropical Climate and its Impact on Energy Output of PV System
15) Dhyia Aidroos Mohammed Baharoon – Graduate
Project Title: Generating Clean Electricity In Southern Yemen Using Concentrating Solar Power Technology(CSP)
16) Fatimah Salim – Graduate
Project Title: Optimal Monitoring of Voltage Sags in Power System Networks
17) Hendri Novia Syamsir – Graduate
Project Title: Preventive Substation Maintenance Using Temperature and Harmonic Multi-Feeder Data Logger
18) Syukri Yunus – Graduated On Going
Project Title: Unbalanced harmonics Load Flow Using Newton Raphson Method and Symmetrical Sequence Components
19) Amoo Abdullahi Lanre – Graduated On Going
Project Title: Harmonic Power Flow Of Grid Systems Using Probabilistic And Metaheuristic Techniques
20) Nor Asyikin Sulaiman – Graduate
Project Title: A New Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Green Building Sustainability
21) Abdur Raheem  – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
22) Rabia Shakoor – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
23) Mohamed Ali Mohamed Osman – NA
Project Title: N/A
24) Husna Syadli – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
25) Muhamad Rasydan Mokhtar – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
26) Nur Dalila Nordin – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
27) Tan Wen Shan – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
28) Fikri Waskito – NA
Project Title: N/A
29) Hanis Farhah Jamahari – Graduated On Going
Project Title: N/A
30) Nurul Humairah Muhd Zaimi – Graduated On Going
Project Title: N/A
31) Nor Shahida Hasan – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
32) Haval Sardar Kamil – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
33) Zaris Izzati Mohd Yassin – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
34) Siti Harisa Mada – Graduated On Going
Project Title: N/A
Masters Student (By Research)
1) Tan Wen Shan – Graduate
Project Title: Flexibility of Future Smart Power Grids
2) Gary Soh Thian Lim – Graduate
Project Title: An Experimental Study of Harmonic Impacts on Step-Down Transformer in End User Equipment
3) Nor Khairunnisa Sidek – Graduate
Project Title: Optimize the Efficiency of Induction Machine Using Optimal Flux Control
4) Nur Farahin Asa@Esa – Graduate
Project Title: An Algorithm For Optimizing Various DSM Technologies To Reduce Building’s Electricity Consumption
5) Nor Shahida Hasan – Graduate
Project Title: Compressed Air Energy Storage To Enhance Grid System Performance
6) Nur Najiha – Graduate
Project Title: Towards An Improvement Of Energy Efficiency Index For Buildings
7) Mohammad Asiful Haq – Graduate
Project Title: Enhanced Energy Efficient Lighting for Malaysian Public Universities
8) Nurehan Othman – Graduate
Project Title: Economic Analysis of the Competitive Electricity Market Model for Malaysia Electric Supply Industry
9) Mubarak Nadwiy Suharto – Graduate
Project Title: Optimal Power Plant Location in a Power System Network Using Evolutionary Optimization Techniques
10) Suhaila Samsuri – Graduate
Project Title: A Feasibility Studies on Wind Energy Potential in Malaysia using Small-sized Wind Turbine
11) Abdul Moeed
Project Title: HEPWM for multilevel inverter
12) Ahmad Ali Imran – NA
Project Title: Study of Intelligent Demand Response Model for Malaysia’s Future Smart Grid Application
13) Naajatul Farihah Hamidi – Graduate
Project Title: Towards Green Energy: Application of Demand Side Management as a Strategic Option to Reduce Energy Consumption
14) Mohd Dzulhafizi Mohd Usman – Graduate
Project Title: Analysis of the Risk Levels Associated with Wind Power Generation in a Power System using Monte Carlo Simulations
15) Mohd Hamizan Omar – Graduate
Project Title: Multi-Level Street Lighting
16) Che Ku Farhana Che Ku Amran – Graduate
Project Title: Harmonic Modeling and Analysis in Power Distribution System Using Time Series Simulation
17) Hafizuddin b. Azhar- NA
Project Title: On-Line Power Monitoring System For Regular Maintenance And Early Warning Of Failure
18) Iqbal Faridiansyah – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
19) Jubaer Ahmed – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
20)  Wan Juzaili Jamil – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
21)  Sumaiya Rahman – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
22)  Mohamad Azhar – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
23)  Nur Azrina Azman – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
24) Dayang Asmanissa Awg. Osman – NA
Project Title: N/A
25) Noor Ameera Zakaria – NA
Project Title: N/A
27)Abdul Hafiz Razali – Graduate
Project Title: N/A
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