List of Publications (2019)

1.A Combination Of Artificial Bee Colony And Neural Network For Approximating The Safety Factor Of Retaining Walls. ENGINEERING WITH COMPUTERS

2.An Experimental Study On The Effect Of Cfrp On Behavior Of Reinforce Concrete Beam Column Connections. STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 

3.Application Of Polymer, Silica-Fume And Crushed Rubber In The Production Of Pervious Concrete. SMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS 

4.Behavior Of Steel Storage Pallet Racking Connection – A Review. STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 

5.Computational And Experimental Analysis Of Beam To Column Joints Reinforced With Cfrp Plates. STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES

6.Computational Optimized Finite Element Modelling Of Mechanical Interaction Of Concrete With Fiber Reinforced Polymer. COMPUTERS AND CONCRETE 

7.Optimum Cost Design Of Frames Using Genetic Algorithms. STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES. 

8.Three Hybrid Intelligent Models In Estimating Flyrock Distance Resulting From Blasting .ENGINEERING WITH COMPUTERS

9.Characterization Of Asphalt Binder Containing Hydrothermal Liquefied Composition Extracted From Food Waste. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

10.Correlation Between Functional And Structural Properties Of Flexible Pavement. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

11.Creep And Resilient Modulus Properties Of Asphaltic Concrete Containing Black Rice Husk Ash. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

12.Effect Of Compaction Temperature On The Performance Of Dense-Graded Asphalt Mixture . IOP CONF. SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

13.Effects Of Black Rice Husk Ash On Asphalt Mixture Under Aging Condition. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

14.Engineering Properties Of Asphalt Binder Modified With Cup Lump Rubber. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

15.Evaluation Of Skid Resistance Performance Using British Pendulum And Grip Tester. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

16.Evaluation Of Vehicle Overloading Along Muar-Melaka Road. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

17.Influence Of Pavement Condition Towards Accident Number On Malaysian Highway. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 

18.Investigation On Road Damage Due To Vehicle Overloading Of High Volume Ipoh State Road. IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE

19.A Review On Green Economy And Development Of Green Roads And Highways Using Carbon Neutral Materials. RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEW 

20.Fourth Generation Biofuel: A Review On Risks And Mitigation Strategies. RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS

21.Measuring The Engineering Properties Of Marine Clay Treated With Disposed Granite Waste. JOURNAL OF MEASUREMENT 

22.Settlement Evaluation Of Soft Soil Improved By Floating Soil Cement Column. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOMECHANICS 

23.Strength Development Of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Stabilized With Fly Ash-Rice Husk Ash Based Geopolymer As Pavement Base Material. ROAD MATERIALS AND PAVEMENT DESIGN


List of Publications (2018)

1.Sustainable improvement of clays using low-carbon nontraditional additive. International Journal of Geomechanics

2.Assessment framework for pavement material and technology elements in green highway index

3.Bearing capacity of soft soil model treated with end-bearing bottom ash columns

4.Experimental study of geotechnical characteristics of crushed glass mixed with Kaolinite soil

5.Behaviour of soft soil improved by floating soil-cement columns

6.Lateral deflection of piles in a multilayer soil medium. Case study: The Terengganu seaside platform

7.Application and Design of Transition Piled Embankment with Surcharged Prefabricated Vertical Drain Intersection over Soft Ground

8.Implementing an ANN model optimized by genetic algorithm for estimating cohesion of limestone samples

9.Prediction of bearing capacity of thin-walled foundation: a simulation approach

10.Probabilistic air-overpressure simulation resulting from blasting operations

11.Sustainable usage of calcium carbide residue for stabilization of clays

12.Feasibility of ICA in approximating ground vibration resulting from mine blasting

13.Prediction and minimization of blast-induced flyrock using gene expression programming and firefly algorithm

14.Settlement prediction of the rock-socketed piles through a new technique based on gene expression programming

15.Malaysian Experiences of Peat Stabilization, State of the Art

16.Experimental and intelligent techniques to estimate bearing capacity of cohesive soft soils reinforced with soil-cement columns

17.Sustainable strength improvement of soft clay stabilized with two sizes of recycled additive

18.A review on bridge dynamic displacement monitoring using global positioning system and accelerometer

19.Mangrove vulnerability index using GIS

20.Mechanical performance of porous concrete pavement containing nano black rice husk ash

21.Laboratory test on maximum and minimum void ratio of tropical sand matrix soils

22.Effect of Treated Coconut Shell and Fiber on the Resilient Modulus of Double-layer Porous Asphalt at Different Aging

23.Effects of Kaolin Clay on the Mechanical Properties of Asphaltic Concrete AC14

24.Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture Incorporating Kenaf Fibre

25.Effect of various filler types on the properties of porous asphalt mixture

26.Numerical modelling techniques of soft soil improvement via stone columns: A brief review

27.Sustainable materials used as stone column filler: A short review

28.Correlation of Resistivity Value with Geotechnical N-Value of Sedimentary Area in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

29.Interpretation of 2D Resistivity with Engineering Characterisation of Subsurface Exploration in Nusajaya Johor, Malaysia

30.Performance Of Asphaltic Concrete Containing Black Rice Husk Ash At Different Aging

31.Physical And Chemical Properties Of Cement With Nano Black Rice Husk Ash

32.Effects Of Nano-kaolin Clay On The Rutting Resistance Of Asphalt Binder

33.Development of hybrid intelligent models for predicting TBM penetration rate in hard rock condition

34.An excavatability classification system for surface excavation in sedimentary rocks

35.Performance evaluation of existing surface excavation assessment methods on weathered sedimentary rock

36.Selection of lidar technology for limestone quarry in Thailand

37.Utilizing regression models to find functions for determining ripping production based on laboratory tests

38.Ripping Production Prediction in Different Weathering Zones According to Field Data

39.Field performance of transition rigid piled embankment with surcharged vertical drain over soft ground

40.Numerical Modeling Of Centrifuge Test Procedure For Different Embankment Cases

41.Evaluation of Maintained Load Test (MLT) and Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) in Measuring Bearing Capacity of Driven Reinforced Concrete Piles

42.Experimental study on unsaturated Double-Porosity soil phenomena under vibration effect

43.Parametric investigation in malaysian separate sewer systems

44.Mitigation of time series approach on climate change adaptation on rainfall of Wadi Al-Aqiq, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

45.Developing a hybrid PSO–ANN model for estimating the ultimate bearing capacity of rock-socketed piles

46.Development of sustainable masonry units from flood mud soil: Strength and morphology investigations

47.Bearing capacity charts of soft soil reinforced by deep mixing

48.Determination of Soil Specific Gravity by Using Partially Vacuum and Shaking Methods

49.Bearing capacity of sandy soil treated by Kenaf fibre geotextile

50.The Deep Mixing Method: Bearing Capacity Studies

51.Shaft resistance of bored piles socketed in Malaysian granite

52.The Influence of Bituminous Coating on Uplift Resistance of Short Pile Foundations in Sand

53.Sustainable Improvement of Tropical Residual Soil Using an Environmentally Friendly Additive

54.Strength and morphological characteristics of organic soil stabilized with magnesium chloride

55.Adsorption studies of leachate on cockle shells

56.Tropical residual soil stabilization: A powder form material for increasing soil strength

57.Use of waste cooking oil, tire rubber powder and palm oil fuel ash in partial replacement of bitumen


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