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The following articles are published in journals recognized by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), Web of Knowledge, or Scopus.


  1. Abundance of Sulfur‐Degrading Bacteria in a Benthic Bacterial Community of Shallow Sea Sediment in the Off‐Terengganu Coast of the South China Sea
  2. Adapting Temperate Crops to Tropical Lowland through Solar Thermal Chilled Water Soil Cooling Process
  3. Balanced Scorecard Implementation in SMEs: Addressing the Moderating Role of Environmental Uncertainty
  4. Boards Engagement in Strategy Execution: An Emerging Trend in Business Strategy
  5. Employee Job Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction and Profitability in 5-Star Hotels in Kuala Lumpur
  6. How to Implement Strategy More Effectively
  7. Identifying the Impact of Spiritual Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Iranian Healthcare Industry
  8. Potential Health Benefits of Deep Sea Water: A Review
  9. Potential of Biomass to Resource as an Action to Mitigate Transboundary Haze in ASEAN Country
  10. Prediction of Offshore Structural Response Extreme Values by Three Different Approaches of Efficient Time Simulation Technique
  11. Strategic Fit – The Missing Link between Strategy Formulation and Strategy Execution
  12. Study of Model Predictive Control for Path-Following Autonomous Ground Vehicle Control under Crosswind Effect
  13. The Relationship between Strategic Planning and Malaysian SMEs Business Performance: The Effect of Employee Participation, Implementation Incentive and Strategy Evaluation and Control (The International Journal Of Business & Management (ISSN 2321–8916), Vol. 4, Issue 3)
  14. Trusting Beliefs, Iranian Consumers’ Intention to Use Online Shopping, and Mediation Effect of Trusting Attitudes: Structural Equation Modeling Technique


  1. Comparison of Extreme Offshore Structural Response from Two Alternative Stretching Techniques
  2. Comparison of Probability Distributions of the Extreme Response Values from Different Methods of Simulation Wave Kinematics (Mohd Zaki, N. I., Abu Husain, M. K., and Najafian, G.)
  3. Derivation of the Probability Distribution of Extreme Values of Offshore Structural Response by Efficient Time Simulation Method
  4. Design Development of Lightweight Disc Brake for Regenerative Braking – Finite Element Analysis
  5. Determinants of Employees’ Core Value Behaviour in the Iranian Banking Industry
  6. Impact of Intercultural Competence on Service Reliability and Customer Satisfaction in the Grocery Retailing
  7. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: The Promise of a Clean Future
  8. Photoluminescence Study of Si Doped and Undoped Chalcopyrite CuGaSe2 Thin Films
  9. Towards The Attainment of a High Income Nation by 2020: The Need for New Leadership Styles and Characteristics in the ICT Industry in Malaysia (MJJIT-JUC International Symposium: A Memorial Event Celebrating the 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation)
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