Project Leader

1 The Migration of Mangrove Shoreline in Response to Sea Level Rise 2017 MOHAMAD HIDAYAT BIN JAMAL
2 Preliminary Assessment of Coral Habitat Around Engineered Artificial Reefs 2016 FARIDAH BTE JAFFAR SIDEK
3 Influence of Seasonal Groundwater Table Level Variation and Monsoonal Climate on Swash Zone Sediment Transport 2016 AHMAD KHAIRI ABD WAHAB
4 Sediment abrasion for mixtures of-sand gravel river 2016 ILYA KHAIRANIS BINTI OTHMAN
5 Wave Evolution on Gentle Slopes-Green -Naghdi Modelling 2016 MOHD RIDZA BIN MOHD HANIFFAH
6 Long Term Analysis of Tidal Range, High Tides and Selected Estuarine Water Level in East Coast of Malaysia 2016 ILYA KHAIRANIS BINTI OTHMAN
7 Control of Turbidity Currents to Reduce Reservoir Sedimentation Using Obstacles 2016 MOHAMAD HIDAYAT BIN JAMAL
8 Estuary Sedimentation of Sungai Johor 2016 MOHAMAD HIDAYAT BIN JAMAL
9 The Study of the Mechanism of Adsorption and Characterization of Natural Clinoptilolite, Crushed Cockle Shell and Fly ash as Natural River Treatment 2015 ZULHILMI BIN ISMAIL
10 Benthic habitat mapping using underwater acoustic sonar 2015 ROZAIMI BIN CHE HASAN
11 Density Current Dynamics Over Sloping Bed 2015 MOHAMAD HIDAYAT BIN JAMAL
12 Significance of Seasonal River Mouth Sandbar Formation to Flood Levels in the Kelantan River Basin 2015 AHMAD KHAIRI BIN ABD WAHAB
13 Computational Modelling of Kelantan River for December 2014 Rainfall Event 2015 MOHD RIDZA BIN MOHD HANIFFAH
14 Modelling of Longshore Sediment Transport Swash Zone 2013 AHMAD KHAIRI ABD WAHAB
15 Erosion and Accretion in the Swash Region 2013 MOHAMAD HIDAYAT JAMAL
16 Modelling of Longshore Sediment Transport Swash Zone 2013 AHMAD KHAIRI ABD WAHAB
17 Flow mechanism in two-stage straight mobile bed channels 2013 ZULHILMI ISMAIL
18 Seaport survival and impact of economic crisis 2013 ZULHILMI ISMAIL
19 Enhancing Coral Growth on Artificial Reefs by Direct Current 2012 AHMAD KHAIRI ABD WAHAB
20 Investigation of the Effects of Wave Energy Attenuation by Flexible Porous 2012 FARIDAH JAFFAR SIDEK
21 Flow mechanism in vegetated two-stage meandering fixed bed channel 2012 ZULHILMI ISMAIL
22 Modelling wave propagation in coastal region 2012 MOHAMAD HIDAYAT JAMAL
Research Ecosystem
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM Nexus - Research & Innovation

Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

DVCRI Profile Johor Bahru Office Kuala Lumpur Office

Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HI-COE)

Advance Membrane Technology Research Centre - AMTEC Institute of Noise & Vibration - INV Wireless Communication Centre - WCC

Research Institute

Centre of Excellence (COE)

Institute of High Voltage & High Current - IVAT UTM-MPRC Institue for Oil & Gas - IFOG Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics - CAIRO Centre for Engineering Education - CEE Centre for Advanced Composite Materials - CACM Innovation Centre in Agritechnology for Advanced Bioprocessing - ICA Institute of Bioproduct Development - IBD

Service Entity

Research Management Centre - RMC Penerbit UTM Press Centre for Community & Industry Network - CCIN Innovation & Commercialisation Centre - ICC University Laboratory Management Centre - PPMU Institut Sultan Iskandar - UTM-ISI

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