List of Projects in LoCARtic

Energy recovery in Oil & Gas Platform

Life Cycle Assessment

Ocean Thermal Energy Recovery

Fluid Dynamic Characterization and Backpressure Profile Inside a New Hollow Fibre Catalytic Converter for Automotive Emissions Control

Electrochemical Performance Investigation of Multi-Dimensional Thermal Transport Experienced by Lithium- Ion Batteries by Employing an Isothermal Approach 

Meanline modelling of an asymmetrical twin-scroll turbocharger turbine with experimental validation

Characterization of unsteady flow field inside a turbine volute with different aspect ratios under varying pulse frequencies and amplitudes

Electrochemical performance investigation of multi-dimensional thermal transport experienced by lithium-ion batteries by employing an isothermal approach

Methanogenesis conversion of CO2 into CH4 for CO2 storage: Feasibility study for field application

Fabrication of ceramic coated turbocharger turbine volute casing for passenger vehicle turbocharged engine

Microgas turbine range extender for EV