July 2024 Research Ethics Application Is Now Opened

Application Opening Date

1st July 2024

Application Deadline

29th July 2024

UTM REC 20th Main Panel Meeting

29 August 2024

UTM Research Ethics Committee


The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Research Ethics Committee (UTM REC) conducts an ethics review prior to the beginning of any research involving human and animals. This committee is empowered to evaluate ethical compliance of research protocols based on available international ethical and scientific quality standards. The UTM REC structure has met the guidelines of International Conference on Harmonization-Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP)


To ensure quality and consistency in the review of research protocols

Quality & Consistency

To ensure that the research is conducted in a way that serves the interests of individuals or society as a whole

Interests of Society

To ensure that the research is followed the international ethical guidelines for clinical, non-clinical and animal research

Compliance With Guidelines

Main Structure of UTM REC

Application & Guidelines

Other REC Forms

  1. UTM REC Application Forms
    1. Clinical Ethics
    2. Non-Clinical Ethics
    3. Animal Ethics
  2. UTM REC Application Checklists
    1. Clinical Ethics and Non-Clinical Ethics
    2. Animal Ethics
  3. Continuing Review Form
  4. Revision of Research Form
  5. Amendment of Research Form
  6. Extension of Research Form
  7. Extension of Resarch Ethics Application Submission
  8. Justification of Withdrawal Form

Application Form

All the application forms should be computer typed. Handwritten forms will be rejected.

Application Fee: RM 150 (non-refundable)

Payment direct to account:

Bendahari UTM
CIMB Bank Berhad
Account No: 8006053536
Reference: Ethics Application

Contact Us

UTM Research Ethics Committee
Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
81310, Johor Bahru Johor.
Email: ethics@utm.my

Meeting & Approval

The meetings will be held once a month and the approval emails will be sent to applicants via official email ethics@utm.my.

UTM REC will take about 30 days to process your application after the submission deadline.

However, the processing time might take up to 60 days depending on the research complexity. Please keep in mind that required amendments will require additional processing time. 

Applicants are advised to submit their ethics clearance application as EARLY as possible prior to their data collection.

2024 Schedules

No. Application MonthApplication Opening DateApplication DeadlineUTM REC Main Panel Meeting
1January 1 January 202430 January 202428 February 2024
2February1 February 202427 February 20243 April 2024
3March1 March 202428 March 20245 May 2024
4April1 April 202427 April 20249 June 2024
5May1 May 202429 May 202427 June 2024
6June1 June 202427 June 202430 July 2024
7July1 July 202429 July 202429 August 2024
8August1 August 202429 August 202426 September 2024
9September1 September 202427 September 202429 October 2024
10October 1 October 202429 October 202426 November 2024
11November1 November 202428 November 202431 December 2024
12December1 December 202427 December 202428 January 2025

*The date is subject to change by UTM REC

Approval Status

No.Application No. Current StatusApproval No.Date of Approval
1NC-11-22-01ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0226 January 2023
2NC-11-22-02ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0326 January 2023
3NC-11-22-03ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0426 January 2023
4NC-11-22-04ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0118 December 2022
6C-11-22-06ApprovedUTMREC-2023-2525 June 2023
8NC-11-22-08ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0526 January 2023
9NC-11-22-09ApprovedUTMREC-2023-1023 February 2023
10C-11-22-10ApprovedUTMREC-2023-142 April 2023
11NC-11-22-11ApprovedUTMREC-2023-1123 February 2023
13A-11-22-13ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0626 January 2023
14C-11-22-14ApprovedUTMREC-2023-1123 February 2023
16A-12-22-16ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0726 January 2023
18NC-12-22-18ApprovedUTMREC-2023-1223 February 2023
19NC-12-22-19ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0826 January 2023
20NC-12-22-20ApprovedUTMREC-2023-0926 January 2023
21NC-01-23-21ApprovedUTMREC-2023-1323 February 2023
22NC-01-23-22ApprovedUTMREC-2023-162 May 2023
23NC-01-23-23ApprovedUTMREC-2023-152 April 2023
25NC-02-23-25ApprovedUTMREC-2023-206 Jun 2023
26NC-02-23-26ApprovedUTMREC-2023-172 May 2023
27NC-02-23-27ApprovedUTMREC-2023-216 Jun 2023
28NC-02-23-28ApprovedUTMREC-2023-182 May 2023
29C-02-23-29ApprovedUTMREC-2023-226 Jun 2023
30A-03-23-30ApprovedUTMREC-2023-2625 June 2023
32NC-03-23-32ApprovedUTMREC-2023-236 Jun 2023
34NC-03-23-34ApprovedUTMREC-2023-246 Jun 2023
36A-04-23-36ApprovedUTMREC-2023-297 July 2023
37NC-04-23-37ApprovedUTMREC-2023-287 July 2023
38NC-04-23-38ApprovedUTMREC-2023-1931 May 2023
39C-04-23-39ApprovedUTMREC-2023-2725 June 2023
40C-05-23-40ApprovedUTMREC-2023-341 November 2023
41NC-06-23-41ApprovedUTMREC-2023-301 October 2023
43C-07-23-43ApprovedUTMREC-2023-331 November 2023
44NC-07-23-44ApprovedUTMREC-2023-321 November 2023
45NC-07-23-45ApprovedUTMREC-2023-311 October 2023
46NC-07-23-46ApprovedUTMREC-2023-351 November 2023
47NC-07-23-47ApprovedUTMREC-2023-374 December 2023
48NC-08-23-48ApprovedUTMREC-2023-3926 December 2023
49NC-08-23-49ApprovedUTMREC-2023-4026 December 2023
50NC-08-23-50ApprovedUTMREC-2023-4126 December 2023
51NC-08-23-51ApprovedUTMREC-2024-461 February 2024
52NC-08-23-52ApprovedUTMREC-2023-4026 December 2023
53C-08-23-53ApprovedUTMREC-2023-3615 November 2023
54NC-09-23-54ApprovedUTMREC-2024-471 February 2024
55NC-09-23-55ApprovedUTMREC-2023-384 December 2023
56C-10-23-56ApprovedUTMREC-2023-4226 December 2023
57NC-10-23-57ApprovedUTMREC-2024-4928 February 2024
58NC-10-23-58ApprovedUTMREC-2023-4326 December 2023
59NC-10-23-59ApprovedUTMREC-2023-4426 December 2023
60A-11-23-60ApprovedUTMREC-2024-511 February 2024
61NC-11-23-61ApprovedUTMREC-2024-491 February 2024
62NC-11-23-62ApprovedUTMREC-2024-5329 February 2024
63NC-11-23-63ApprovedUTMREC-2023-4526 December 2023
64C-12-23-64ApprovedUTMREC-2023-E112 December 2023
65NC-12-23-65ApprovedUTMREC-2024-553 April 2024
66C-12-23-66ApprovedUTMREC-2024-563 April 2024
67A-12-23-67ApprovedUTMREC-2024-5214 February 2024
70NC-12-23-70ApprovedUTMREC-2024-677 May 2024
71NC-12-23-71ApprovedUTMREC-2024-5329 February 2024
72A-12-23-72ApprovedUTMREC-2024-504 February 2024
73C-01-24-73ApprovedUTMREC-2024-657 May 2024
74C-01-24-74ApprovedUTMREC-2024-573 April 2024
75NC-01-24-75ApprovedUTMREC-2024-583 April 2024
76NC-01-24-76ApprovedUTMREC-2024-593 April 2024
77NC-01-24-77ApprovedUTMREC-2024-689 June 2024
78NC-01-24-78Rejected --
81NC-02-24-81ApprovedUTMREC-2024-603 April 2024
82NC-02-24-82ApprovedUTMREC-2024-637 May 2024
83NC-02-24-83ApprovedUTMREC-2024-647 May 2024
84NC-02-24-84ApprovedUTMREC-2024-613 April 2024
85NC-02-24-85ApprovedUTMREC-2024-623 April 2024
86NC-03-24-86ApprovedUTMREC-2024- 699 June 2024
87C-03-24-87ApprovedUTMREC-2024-709 June 2024
88C-03-24-88ApprovedUTMREC-2024-719 June 2024
90NC-03-24-90Approved UTMREC-2024-729 June 2024
92NC-03-24-92ApprovedUTMREC-2024-667 May 2024
95NC-04-24-95ApprovedUTMREC-2024-739 June 2024
101NC-06-24-101New Submission
102NC-06-24-102New Submission
103NC-06-24-103New Submission
104NC-06-24-104New Submission
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