RCEE 2010

rcee 2010

The 3rd Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE 2010) and Research in Higher Education 2010 (RHEd 2010) aims to provide a platform for participants from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and findings to promote cooperation, networking as well as knowledge sharing in both engineering education and research in higher education. The theme “Innovative education for the next generation” hopes to explore new ideas which will benefit education in the 21st Century.

In the face of challenges in the 21st Century, there are currently unified global efforts to transform engineering education to produce engineers of the future. As part of this effort, RCEE 2010 aims to gather engineering educators and stakeholders, particularly from the Asia Pacific region, to disseminate knowledge and discuss innovative solutions to enhance the quality and effectiveness of engineering education for the next generation.

Furthermore research in higher education has played a vital role in promoting innovations in teaching and learning, for example, in course and curriculum design, delivery, assessment, governance, leadership and policy, RHEd 2010 aims to bring academics together to share and exchange perspectives and ideas on matters related to research in higher education.

It is hoped that the joint RCEE 2010 and RHEd 2010 conference encourages mutual understanding and open up opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations.

Paper listing for RCEE 2010 is based on sessions as below.

RCEE & RHED 2010 Session 1
RCEE & RHED 2010 Session 2
RCEE & RHED 2010 Session 3
RCEE & RHED 2010 Session 4
RCEE & RHED 2010 Poster Session


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