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Chemical List

No Name of Chemical Type of Chemical Unit of Measure Location MSDS  
 1 Citric acid monohydrtae S   N29    
 2 HI 7007 (buffer solution) L   N29    
 3 HI 7004 (buffer solution) L   N29    
 4 Silicon Oil 350 L   N29    
 5 Ethylene glycol L   N29    
 6 dodecane, mixture of isomers L   N29    
 7 Nutrient agar S   N29    
 8 Nutrient broth S   N29    
 9 Calcium hydroxide S   N29    
 10 Sodium hydroxide S   N29    
 11 sodium chlorite L   N29    
 12 nickel (ii) nitrate hexahydrate L   N29    
 13 Sulphuric acid L   N29    
 14 Agar powder S   N29    
 15 n-Heptane L   N29    
 16 Hydrochloric acid L   N29    
 17 Ethanol L   N29    
 18 Barium chloride S   N29    
 19 Glycerol L   N29    
 20 sodium sulfite anhydrous S   N29    
 21 Silicon Carbide P 500g N29  
 22 Silica Gel Gel 1kg N29  
 23 Aluminium Oxide p 1kg N29 MSDS  
 24 Phenol Liquefied p   N29 MSDS  
 25 Nickel (II) Nitrate Hexahydrate p   N29  
 26 Titanium (iv) Oxide Anatase     N29  
 27 Zeolite P 100g N29  
 28 Chloroplatinic Acid Solution L   N29  
 29 Aluminium Isopropoxide S 50ml N29  
 30 Iso Propanol L 2.5L N29  
 31  Acetic acid L 2.5L N29 MSDS  
 32 Dimenhyl Ketone L 2.5L N29 MSDS  
 33 Sulphaic Acid 95-97% L 2.5L N29 MSDS  
 34 Ammonia Solution L 2.5L N29  
 35  Iodine L 500g N29 MSDS  
 36  Phenol L 1L N29 MSDS  
 37  Methanol L 2.5L N29 MSDS  
 38  N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone L 2.5L N29  
 39 Nitric acid L 2.5L N29 MSDS  
 40 Cadmium, elemental and compound, as Cd L 500G N29 MSDS  
 41 Calcium Carbide P 500g N29 MSDS  
 42 Lanthanum(III) Oxide P 250g N29 MSDS  
 43 Benzene L 250ml N29 MSDS  
 44 Urea S 500g N29 MSDS  
 45 Chromium(III) nitrate nonaydrate 99% P 500g N29 MSDS  
 46 Colbalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate P 50g N29 MSDS  
 47 Cerium (IV) Oxide 90 % P 100g N29 MSDS  
 48 Nickel(II) nitrate hexahdydrate p 1 Kg N29 MSDS  
 49 Aluminium Oxide P 500g N29 MSDS  
 50 Potassium hydroxide pellets P 1 Kg N29 MSDS  
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