Publication for 2011

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  3. Nasef, M.M., Aly, A.A., Saidi, H., Ahmad, A. , (2011). Optimization of reaction parameters of radiation induced grafting of 1-vinylimidazole onto poly(ethylene-co-tetraflouroethene) using response surface method. Radiation Physics and Chemistry80 (11), pp. 1222-1227. (IF=1.132)
  4. Nasef, M.M., Saidi, H., Dahlan, K.M. (2011). Comparative investigations of radiation-grafted proton-exchange membranes prepared using single-step and conventional two-step radiation-induced grafting methods. Polymer International 60 (2), pp. 186-193 (IF=2.056)
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  6. Johari, A., Hashim, H., Ramli, M., Jusoh, M., Rozainee, M.(2011) Effects of fluidization number and air factor on the combustion of mixed solid waste in a fluidized bed (2011)Applied Thermal Engineering. (IF=1.823)
  7. Sadighi, S., Ahmad, A., Shirvani, M. (2011) Comparison of lumping approaches to predict the product yield in a dual bed VGO hydrocracker. International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering 9, A4. (IF=0.640)
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  16. A.Johari, M.Rozainee (2011). Influence of bed height on the quality of rice husk ash in a fluidised bed combustor.International Journal of Environment and Waste Management. In Press.


Conference Paper

  1. Hamdani Saidi, Zaini Ujang, Azraai Kassim and Megat Johari Megat Mohd Nor. (2011). Collaborative model for the sustainability of tertiary Engineering Education. Proceeding International conference on Engineering education (ICEE). Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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