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Dr. Norhaniza Yusof

BEng (Chemical Eng. UTM), PhD (Gas Eng. UTM)


Dr. Norhaniza Yusof is currently a senior lecturer in School of Chemical and Energy Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia and an active research fellow of the Advanced Membrane Technology Research Centre (AMTEC), UTM. Her outstanding outputs in research were evident from her receiving distinguished awards at National and International levels including International Invention & Innovation Exhibition (ITEX 2018), Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE 2018), Gold Medal, International Invention, Innovation and Design Johor 2017 (IIIDJ 2017), and Special Best Invention Award in Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition (INATEX 2017).

Dr. Norhaniza is also active in writing for scientific publication in high impact factor in international and national journals. To date, she has published more than 40 papers in ISI-indexed journals including Chemical Engineering Journal, Separation and Purification Technology, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, and Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. Her work has received more than 250 citations and her current H-index is 6. Until now, she already led 8 research grants and being member of more than 40 research projects. As part of the recognitions to her efforts and significant invention, development and innovation activities, Dr. Norhaniza received an Excellent Service Award (2016) and Publication Award (2017) from UTM for her enthusiasm and dedication towards her research activities. She also has obtained a fellowship from Japan Science Technology Agency under Sakura Exchange Program in Meiji University, Japan in 2017.

List of Top publications

  • Wan Ikhsan, S.N., Yusof, N., Aziz, F., Misdan, N., Ismail, A.F., Lau, W.J., Jaafar, J., Salleh, W.N.W.,Hayati Hairom, N.H., Efficient separation of oily wastewater using polyethersulfone mixed matrix membrane incorporated with halloysite nanotube-hydrous ferric oxide nanoparticle, Separation and Purification Technology, 199 (2018) 161-169..
  • Che Othman, F.E., Yusof, N., Hasbullah, H., Jaafar, J., Ismail, A.F., Abdullah, N., Md Nordin, N.A.H., Aziz, F., Salleh, W.N.W., Polyacrylonitrile/magnesium oxide-based activated carbon nanofibers with well-developed microporous structure and their adsorption performance for methane, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 51 (2017) 281-287.
  • Abdullah, N., Gohari, R.J., Yusof, N., Ismail, A.F., Jaafar, J.,Lau W.J., Matsuura, T., Polysulfone/hydrous ferric oxide ultrafiltration mixed matrix membrane: Preparation, characterization and its adsorptive removal of lead (II) from aqueous solution, Chemical Engineering Journal, 289 (2016) 28-37.
  • Yusof,N., Ismail, A.F., Rana,D., Matsuura, T., Effects of the activation temperature on the polyacrylonitrile/acrylamide-based activated carbon fibers, Materials Letters 82 (2013) 16-18.
  • Yusof,N., Ismail, AF., Post spinning and pyrolysis processes of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon fiber and activated carbon fiber: A review, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 93 (2012) 1–13.
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