Carbon Nanotubes

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Carbon Nanotubes

Since discovered by Iijima in 1991, carbon nanotube (CNT) has becomes an attractive nanomaterial for researchers from various applications such as nano-electronic device and sensor, energy storage, catalysis and composite material due to its superior mechanical, electrical and chemical properties. CNTs consists of rolled-up sheet of graphite which can be categorized as single-walled (one layer graphite sheet) or multi-walled (multiple layer of graphite sheets) CNTs. Since the graphite surface is inherently smooth, the cavities or bores of the CNTs could serves as rapid diffusion channels for mass transport. Furthermore, the size and properties of the CNTs can be tailored to meet specific requirements. In AMTEC, CNTs have been primarily employed as additives to enhance the separation performance as well as physical and chemical properties of our membranes for liquid (both gas and water) separation. Our researchers specialize on the functionalization and incorporation techniques of the CNTs into the polymers to produce composite membranes in the format of flat sheet and hollow fiber. AMTEC also provides the facilities to produce CNTs via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method.
Currently, the research and development of carbon nanotubes incorporated membranes have been actively carried out. Following are some of the publications related to the CNT research conducted in AMTEC:-

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