Engineering ethics is crucial for engineers because it sets the standards for professional practice. It is an essential part of professional education to help future engineers deal with issues they will face in professional practice. This special forum will discuss important perspectives such as: What is engineering ethics? Why should it be emphasized? Real examples we never imagine? Will engineering ethics still be important in the future and how to deal with it?

Panel 1: Ir. Professor Dr. Rajkumar Durairaj
Dean (Academic Quality Assurance), Division of Quality Assurance, he is the Associate Director (Materials and Manufacturing) with the Engineering Accreditation Department, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

Panel 2: Ir. Francis Ngiam
A licensed civil engineer in Arkansas, California & Malaysia, he started practicing engineering in 1997. He is involved in Green Infrastructure & Green Building Design & Construction, and is the co-founder of GPROTD Resources, a training and consulting company.

Panel 3: Amru Daud
Involved in the SHE Managerial role in CCM Chemicals, Amru started his career in 2000 as a process engineer. He was appointed as Factory Manager in 2002 for Gold Coin Specialties S/B at the age of 26, marking his management career. His expertise is in process engineering, Process & Occupational Safety.

Moderator: Ir. Ts. Dr. Zaki Yamani Bin Zakaria
Previously a chemical engineer for an oil & gas services company and process engineer for an oil & fat company, he is a fellow in the Centre for Engineering Education and a senior lecturer in the School of Chemical & Energy Engineering, UTM. He is the author of "Ramblings of A Chemical Engineer" book.