Rigorous Research in STEM and Engineering Education Workshop Series 2023

Engineering Education Research (EER) Workshop Series 2023

Are you implementing innovations in engineering or STEM education at the college or university level?  Are you looking for ways to assess the impact of your implementation?  Then, this series of workshops is for you!

The era of IR4.0 requires innovations in engineering and STEM education. In higher education, assessing the impact and the effectiveness of these innovations are problematic because although engineering and STEM educators are experts in the knowledge, many are not well-versed in educational research. This workshop is designed as a gateway for practitioners and educators in engineering and STEM education at tertiary level to embark on the journey towards conducting meaningful, scholarly and rigorous research in engineering and generally STEM education.

To help engineering and STEM educators learn and apply rigorous educational research, the following series of four workshops will be held:

Part 1: Introduction to engineering and STEM education research  

Part 2: Preparing research proposals in engineering and STEM education

Part 3: Data analysis in engineering and STEM education research

Part 4: Publication in engineering and STEM education

A special symposium will be organized for the workshop participants to present their work and receive constructive feedback from the community of practice in engineering education.


Part 1: Introduction to Engineering and STEM Education Research

In the first part of the workshop series, the participants will be exposed to various areas and examples of research in engineering education. Using  a constructivist approach, the participants will be guided to formulate their research problem, prepare research problem background and define their individual research aims. At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to find relevant previous research that can guide them in determining the individual potential research area that they want to contribute in.

Date: 20 – 21 February 2023

Venue: Centre for Engineering Education (CEE), Level 3, Block C09, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Workshop Fees:

CategoryUTM Lecturer SEEM MembersOthers
EER Part 1 RM 425.00RM 370.00RM 425.00
USD 100.00
All series package, Part 1 - Part 4 RM 1275.00RM 1110.00RM 1275.00
USD 300.00

*All prices are inclusive of 6% service tax


Part 2: Preparing research proposal in engineering education

This second workshop aims to guide the participants in preparing their individual research proposal in engineering education as a continuation from the research problem identified in the previous workshop. The participants will be introduced to research paradigms, methodology, various research methods and some data analysis techniques. Participants are encouraged to conduct the research after the proposal is presented at the end of this workshop.


Part 3: Data analysis in engineering education research

In this workshop, participants will be guided to analyse the data that they have collected after the second workshop. Both quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques will be introduced with hands-on activities to further grasp the techniques. The participants will be asked to analyse their own data during the workshop so they can acquire help from the trainers and facilitators.


Part 4: Publication in engineering education

The final part of the workshop series is designed for the participants to document their research that they developed from Part 1 of the workshop series. The participants will be introduced to various journals and conferences that can become the potential avenues for them to publish their work. They will be guided to prepare their own publication based on a general flow of article writing for engineering education research. They will be exposed to the editorial processes of some high impact journals in engineering education to enable them to review their article and other articles in engineering and STEM education.


Contact person:

Ms. Hidayah : +607-5610225 or nurhidayah.ishak@utm.my

Ms. Izzati : +607-5610226 or wa.izzati@utm.my