2-Day Workshop on : 21st Century Learning for Engaging Millenials

Do you find it difficult to sustain students’ attention and engage them in learning for the whole class period? We would like to invite you to the 21st Century Learning for Engaging Millennials in which you will be guided and mentored to implement various techniques in a systematic and scholarly approach. This is the first in the series of workshops on Effective Implementation of Student Centered Learning.

In addition to tackling issues on effective implementation, you will also be introduced to underpinning principles to enable the design and implementation in different types of situation and learning environment. These techniques can be used effectively in workshops or hour-long presentations.
By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain the needs to shift to Student Centred Learning (SCL) methods in classrooms
  • Explain techniques for engaging learners that can be used in classrooms
  • Describe effective learning environments based on How People Learn (HPL) framework
  • Plan an aligned learning environment to support students learning using Constructive Alignment (CA)

The workshop will be conducted by practitioners and researchers of the approach who have also conducted the workshop in numerous public and private institutions of higher learning, both at the national and international level.  This highly acclaimed workshop has also been conducted internationally, such as in the UK, Korea, India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Indonesia, Turkey and Colombia.

The details of the payment is available in the registration link.

Payment should be made by 18th February 2019.