Curriculum Development

List of papers under Curriculum Development

1. Numerical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering – Key Issues and Its Place in Civil Engineering Programme

2. Introductory Statistics Courses for the Engineering Faculty: A New Way of Thinking

3. Achieving Excellence in Academic Service Quality with Critical Success Factors
Identified in University Learning

4. Engineering Education Goals: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

5. A Graduate-Level Science and Engineering Practice School Model in Thailand

6.  Bachelor of Education (Engineering) Program – The Open University Malaysia

7. Education in the Field of Forensic Structural Engineering

8. A Shift in Pedagogical Framework: From Transmission to Transformation
System of Education in Engineering at DLSU-Manila

9. Bottom-Up Approach of Teaching Classical Thermodynamics in the Faculty of
Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering, UTM

10. Criteria for Research and its Development for Engineering Education

11. First Degree Curriculum Development: Satisfying and Balancing Civil Aviation
Authority, National Accreditation Board (LAN) and Engineering Accreditation
Council Requirements

12. Practical Approach towards Fulfillment of the Ethical, Social and Global
Attributes of the Graduate Engineer

13. Outcome-Based Education: Elixir or Pain Killer?

14. Development of the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Degree Program in
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

15. EMBA at the Universiti Utara Malaysia Executive Development Center:
Benchmarking Efforts and Future Directions

16. Curriculum Development Model for Aviation Academic Training Programme

17. Challenges in Engineering Education at the University of the Philippines-Diliman

18. Thermodynamics: Is It a Killer Subject?

19. Challenges in Developing a Research-Oriented Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate Curriculum in the University of the Philippines