Development in Teaching & Learning

List of papers under Development in Teaching and Learning

1. Understanding the Solution-Diffusion Mechanism in Gas Separation Membrane
for Engineering Students

2. Integrating the Industrialist and the Educationist: Learn from the Experts

3. Student-Centered Approach towards Technical, Learning, Social and
Entrepreneurship Competencies at UniKL

4. Is There a Dilemma in Implementing OBE?: A Case Study in Department of
Chemical Engineering, Universiti Malaya

5. A-Charting Students’ Academic Performance

6. Alternative Framework for On-Job Immersion Action Research: Case Studies in
Technology Based Osmosis Learning

7. UniKL-MIAT Gearing Towards Aviation Educational Excellent

8. Using Teaching Resources to Help Students Develop Team and Project Skills
Pays Off, Both in Terms of Employability and Shorter Study Time

9. Management of Interdisciplinary Courses

10. Managing Transdisciplinary Postgraduate Research in Engineering Education:
An Experience in Architectural Acoustics

11. Safety Issue in Hands-on Aircraft Training Procedures

12. Migration from Modular to Semester System: Issues and Challenges

13. Competition-Based Engineering Learning

14. Course Design Strategy for Promoting Appreciation and Application of
Industrial Engineering Techniques among Engineering Students

15. A Comparative Study of Two Different Approaches in Teaching

16. Capstone Project to Satisfy EAC Criteria

17. Implementation of Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation (HILS) Method for Control
Engineering Education

18. Inculcating Generic Skills Among Students at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia City
Campus through Technology Based Osmosis Learning