Workshop on Effective Teaching for Outcome-based Higher Education

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Call for participation 

Prof. Richard Felder & Dr. Rebecca Brent will be coming to Malaysia to conduct a series of workshops. Below are the workshops planned:


Date: 20-21 May 2014  | Venue: The Puteri Pacific Hotel, Johor Bahru
Fees: Early Bird RM1800 (USD 800) | Normal Fees RM2200 (USD 750)

This workshop provides tools and strategies for engineering and science instructors to make their classes more effective. Topics addressed include the following:

  • How do students learn? How do teachers teach? What goes wrong in the process? (Learning and teaching styles)
  • How do I plan a course? How do I identify learning objectives and use them to make sure that my lessons, activities, assignments, and exams are aligned?
  • How do I assess learning and skill development? How do I design instruction and assessment for learning outcomes specified in the ABET Engineering Criteria and the Washington Accord? How do I design tests that are both rigorous and fair?
  • What can I do in the first week to get my course off to a good start?
  • What do I need to do to be an effective lecturer?
  • How can I get students actively involved in learning, even if there are 200 in the class?
  • How can new staff members become fully effective in teaching and productive in research in 1–2 years instead of the usual 4–5 years?

The workshop has been given on campuses throughout the world. It has been exceptionally well received by the participants. Of the 4896 participants who submitted evaluations since 1996, 81% gave the workshop the top rating of “Excellent,” 19% rated it “Good,” less than 1% rated it “Average,” and none rated it “Fair” or “Poor.” The presenters received “Excellent” ratings from 89% of the participants, “Good” from 11%, and “Average” from less than 1%.

More info can be obtained from the attached brochure. Please click here I-PHEX2014brochure to download the brochure