PBL Across Cultures: Management of Change

Below are the papers presented in “ Management of Change” theme.

Papers can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided.

  1.  Crafting A Good PBL Scenario in Company Secretarial Practices Course
  2.  Bildungslandschaft or the Inter-Organizational Cooperation Network Approach (ICNA) as A NEW Approach to Attracting Pupils to Science and Technical Education a Case Study
  3.  “Transforming Engineering Education – For Innovation and Development”
  4.  Implementation of Project Oriented Problem Based Learning (POPBL) in Introduction to Programming Course
  5.  Reconstructing the Aalborg Model for PBL – a Case From the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University
  6.  Constructing a Professional Development Framework for PBL At a Middle East HEI
  7.  Training of Facilitators in Problem-Based Learning: A Malaysian Experience