PBL ACROSS CULTURES: PBL Process and Student Engagement

Below are the papers presented in “PBL Process and Student Engagement” theme.
Papers can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided.

  1. Engineering for Employability: A transition into CDIO
  2. The Implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL) by using FILA Form  in  Measuring  Student’s  Life  Long  Learning 
  3. Discussion as media and tool in PBL project-groups:  constructing learning and managing
  4. Problem-Based Learning: A Process for the Acquisition of Learning and Generic Skills
  5. Adapting PBL Instantiation to Promote Students’ Engagement
  6. An Exploratory Study on the Implementation of POPBL among Lecturers of Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia
  7. Implementation of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education Institutions  and  Its  Impact  on  Students’  Learning
  8. Development of Profession Skills through CPBL among First Year Engineering Students