I-PEX 2018 : Judging Criteria

The submissions will be judged based on the criteria listed below:

  1. Novelty and inventiveness 
    Novelty of educational practice
    • Contribution to current practice (solve current educational problems)
  2. Practicality 
    Significance of contribution (evidence of effectiveness)
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Transferability to other practitioners
  3. Continuous Quality Improvement Efforts
    Attend Courses / Workshops / Seminars
    • Refer to local or international expert mentor(s)
    • Evidence of Continuous Quality Improvement, CQI
  4. Presentation
    Knowledge on practice
    • Ability to convince judges
  5. Academic Recognition
    • Evidence of dissemination (e.g.: courses, training, seminar)
  6. Source of Reference 
    Referral point at local and international practitioners
    • Mentor others
    • Evidence of capacity building
  7. Track Record of Implementation
    Years of implementation by the teacher
    •  Years of implementation by other teachers
  8. Outcomes and Impacts
    Impact of the innovation on changes of practices at panitia / school / district / state / national level
  9. Commercial Potentialities (Bonus)
    Potential to be commercialized to other education institutions