RCEE 2010 Session 1

Below are the papers presented during Session 1.
Papers can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided.

  1. Coonceptual Model for Epistimology of Knowledge in Technical and Engineering Education
  2. Continuous Evaluation of Course Outcomes (CO) in the outcome based education (OBE) using portfolios
  3. Engineering Education to Develop Self-Directed, Productive and Innovative Engineers at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology
  4. Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Learning Outcomes from Students’ Perspectives
  5. Implementation of Outcome Based Education in UNITEN-Closing the Loop (PEO)
  6. Bridging Physics to Electronics Engineering – an Outreach Effort targeted at Tertiary Institution
  7. Engineering Mathematics I A Case Study of First Year Students at Faculty of Engineering, UNIMAS
  8. Leadership Practices of Departmental Heads in Malaysian Public Universities
  9. Sustainability Education for First Year Engineering Students using Cooperative Problem Based Learning
  10. The New Leadership Model Helps Creating Tomorrow Leaders
  11. The Relationship of First Year Experience and Factors Affecting Positive Learning Attitude among Engineering Students
  12. An Alternative Approach in Teaching Engineering Management Subject for Final Year Undergraduate Students
  13. Automated Social Network Analysis for Online Discussion
  14. Development of Educational Software for Mixed Signal Design in Electronic Engineering
  15. Flexible and Dynamic Learning with Virtual Machine
  16. Learners’ Beliefs and Perceptions toward Mobile Devices for Learning a Comparison Study of Mobile Phones with Three Different Platforms
  17. The Acceptance of E-Learning Environment among Engineering Technology Students
  18. Assessing Oral Communication Skills in the Final Year Project Design Course of an Undergraduate Engineering Program
  19. Engineering Lecturers’ Perceptions of Students’ Technical Presentations in English Negotiating Best Practices
  20. Has our engineering and technology focused university equipped its students with adequate communication skills – 1
  21. Lecture Language in Malaysian Engineering Lecture Corpus
  22. The Need of English Language Training Programmes in continuing education