RCEE 2012 Session 4

Below are the papers presented during Session 4.
Papers can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided.

  1. Java Programming Assessment Tool for Assignment Module in Moodle E-learning System
    Norazah Yusof, Nur Ariffin Mohd Zin, Noor Shyahira Adnan
  2. Production of Membership Functions for the High Precision Applications in Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks
    Mehdi Esmaeil pour
  3. Assessing Student Perceptions of Service Quality in Technical Educational and Vocational Training (TEVT) Institutions in Malaysia
    Mohd Zuhdi Ibrahim, Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman, Ruhizan M. Yasin
  4. Planning and Development of Nuclear Engineering Program at Universiti Tenaga Malaysia (UNITEN)
    Nasri A. Hamid, Mohd. Zamri Yusoff, Mohd Syukri Yahya
  5. Conceptual Knowledge in Three Dimensional Computer Aided Design (3D CAD) modeling: A literature review and conceptual framework
    Mohd Fadzil Daud, Jamaludin Mohd Taib, Rio Sumarni Sharifudin
  6. Problem formulation within open-ended problems: looking through the Structure-Behavior-Function (SBF) and Novice-Expert (NE) Frameworks
    Wan W. Amani. Wan Salim, Heidi A. Diefes-Dux
  7. The Correct Use of Passive Voice in Report Writing By Somali SPACE Students in UTM
    Massoumeh Hajizadeh Rivandi1, b Sulia Masturina Che Razali, b Nurhayati Husin, Razifa Mohd Razlan, b Nur Hafizah Rabi’ah Husin, b Nurul Amilin Razawi
  8. The Relationship between Users Cognitive Style and Information Seeking Behavior among Postgraduate Engineering Students
    Maryam Salariana, Roliana Ibrahim, Kourosh Nematic
  9. Alternative Conception about Open and Short Circuit Concepts
    Noor Hamizah Hussain, Liza Abdul Latiff , Nazli Yahaya
  10. Environmental Factors Influencing Sketching Behaviour among Mechanical Engineering Undergraduates
    Idris Ishak, M Zamani Ahmad, Nuraihan Ismail, Abd Rahman Musa
  11. Using Computer Simulation and Animation to Improve Student Learning of Engineering Dynamics
    Ning Fang